Simplilearn Collaborates with Caltech to Launch an Online Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing

cloud computing

Simplilearn and Caltech, in collaboration, will be launching an online Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Cloud computing certification. Comprising more than 300 hours of study, this program can be effective for professionals who are looking at building a career in cloud architecture, cloud consultation, or cloud engineering. A joint certification from Caltech CTME (Center for Technology and Management Education) as well as Simplilearn will be awarded to the participants upon the successful completion of the course. 

A Post Graduate Program in DevOps was recently launched by the institution and has already achieved popularity. Providing quality education to learners across the globe being the main objective of these programs, they offer easy access to world-class trainers as well as work-ready methods and tools that are needed to survive in today’s professional world.

The 12-month program is designed to enable the participants to build expertise in Microsoft Azure, GCP, and AWS, and master the principles of software architecture, design, as well as the implementation of cloud computing. Empowered with core skill sets, the learners will be able to design, plan, as well as scale the implementation of cloud on all three top cloud platforms, after the completion of the program.

The program intends to provide a blending learning environment with live online classes, projects and labs, extensive peer-interaction, self-paced learning, and access to teaching assistants 24/7. Masterclasses will be conducted by experts at Caltech CTME, a science and engineering institute that is world-renowned and marshals some of the brightest minds in the world.

The program will provide 30 CEUs, Caltech CTME Circle Membership, and a platform to get noticed by the top hiring companies. The participants will get access to an integrated lab, more than 30 hands-on industry-based projects, and Capstone projects in four domains. The convocation will be conducted online by the director of CTME. A physical copy of the certificate will be available upon request.

“There is a rising demand for IT professionals who can integrate cloud applications and infrastructure seamlessly,” says Dr. Rick Hefner, program director at Caltech CTME. “The Caltech CTME Cloud Certificate Program can help aspiring cloud professionals, gain the necessary knowledge and skills needed to survive the competition in the industry. With support from Simplilearn, they will be able to build strong portfolios that can capture the attention of potential employers. We believe this hands-on certification program is apt for the technology leaders of tomorrow.”

“With decreasing data center bandwidth and increasing data volumes, more and more companies are now opting for cloud infrastructure services,” says Anand Narayan, Chief Product Officer at Simplilearn. “Also, the work from home model adopted by most organizations has forced them to consider cloud technology solutions so as to provide uninterrupted data access to their employees. All this has created a heavy demand for cloud specialists across the world.  Our aim, at Simplilearn, is to equip aspirants with work-tools and skills so that they can successfully fill in these gaps in the cloud domain.”

Combining the academic excellence of Caltech CTME and the blending learning environment provided by Simplilearn, this program will go a long way in creating professionals in the cloud domain.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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