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What comes to mind first when the screen of your iPhone turns black? Is it out of power? Is the iPhone’s black screen caused due to software malfunctions inside? Or maybe the real reason – the habit of watching videos during the shower. It is true that the black screen in the iPhone contains many situations and problems. If you Find on the Internet, you may be more confused, with extended blurry operations. So that users can determine the real cause of the black screen of the iPhone and get easy-to-understand solutions, I divide the black screen problem into two main aspects. You can read and find out why and how to fix the black screen of the Apple iPhone.

Reason Of Problems with hardware and software:

Everything will be more accessible if you find that your iPhone becomes a black screen. Think carefully, did the iPhone fall from a height a few years ago? Either the Apple iOS device was dropped in the soup or somewhere in the water if the answer is Yes, then a high probability that the black screen of the iPhone is caused by external damage.

For people who bring an iPhone and have not suffered water or hardware damage. The root cause may be related to malware hidden inside your Apple device. A terrible update or unstable firmware is responsible for the iPhone dfu mode. Do not forget to check the left storage space for your iPhone. If there is not enough space for normal iOS operation, it will instead lead to software crashes and the appearance of a black screen on the iPhone. For example, a black iPhone screen with a download circle indicates software failure.

Fix hardware issues

If you think that these are hardware damages that disrupt the original iPhone and cause problems with a black screen, then you need to take a quick test to find out the exact cause. The first step is to charge your iPhone to see if the battery and charging port are working. Replace the charger and battery if your black iPhone screen did not respond. Clean each port with a small and soft brush.

An alternative method of eliminating the black screen of the iPhone is to visit the nearest Apple Store or find solutions of the website to check carefully. In most cases, you will Immediately change the new iPhone screen. Or you can disassemble the iOS device to check the internal connection.

Fix black screen software issues

If you have a good habit of taking and using the iPhone, away from accidental drops and water, then the probability of the OS and internal failures will be more accurate. There are three ways to solve the iPhone black screen problem. IOS system recovery software in data loss mode, restarting and restoring the iPhone. The last two solutions may have already been familiar with people losing data, but in some cases quite useful.

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