Simple and Practical Tips to Help You Hack Your Way Through College

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Getting through college is not a cakewalk; many students succumb to the pressure and drop off midway a year in, or even a few months after admission. Characterized by studying, meeting new people, exciting experiences, and loads of fun, college life can quickly take a toll on your progress if you fail to tailor and stick to an effective strategy. However, it isn’t that complicated, especially if you embrace practical measures to ensure you are on track. I’ve checked colleges around me, picked the best option, and I’m ready to begin the new chapter; what are some of the tips and tricks that can help me hack college life? Read on to find some of the simplest yet useful hacks that successful students employ throughout their college life.

Be Flexible

You have a solid plan, for example, the first week, meet new people, make friends, get to know your way around college, and settle in; that’s a good starting point. However, it won’t go as planned; you could fail to make instant connections, as not everyone you meet will be nice. Navigating your way around college might take more time, making it a little challenging to settle in comfortably; don’t let this knock you off balance, be a little flexible. Sticking to your schedule can prove overwhelming, but with enough room, you can adjust and strike a balance, eliminating the frustration that can affect your progress.

Create and Stick to a Practical Schedule

Once you’ve settled in, you’ll have a feel of what your college life entails, which might be different from what you anticipated. It is time to revise your schedule, accommodating changes you didn’t include in your plans. Break down various considerations, preferably by the hour. Marking items off your checklist ensures that you don’t miss a thing, for example, completing a particular assignment. With such a practical schedule, you won’t have to stress over a pile of work that grows without noticing or fall for procrastination, a vice that steals considerable time. Creating and sticking to a realistic schedule is a top hack that keeps college students on track amidst the numerous distractions that can easily knock you off course.

Stay Organized

Can you tell where your certain book is, favorite shirt, socks, among other items? Nothing wastes more time than having to go through a load of clutter looking for something. Staying organized isn’t that challenging, and the best part is that once you make it a habit, it gets easier along the way. Hacks such as using file folders to organize your learning materials per subject won’t cost you a fortune or require technical organization skills. Keep your room tidy, and find an organization plan that works to ensure you know where everything is, facilitating easy access.

Study Continuously

Keeping grades up is perhaps the most challenging concern that drives many college students to the edge. A considerable mistake that leads to poor grades is studying for the tests or only practicing while handling your assignments. Among the top hacks that help students maintain good grades is taking easier classes for the first year or two as they get the hang of college life. This allows you to build a good GPA, but you shouldn’t discount continuous studying. Ensuring that you practice regularly, for example, Monday to Friday helps you to build up knowledge on your subjects, meaning that you won’t have to burn the midnight oil as exams fast approaches, struggling to cram. The best part is that once you make it a habit, you’ll easily develop a routine, making it easier to study and keep your grades up consistently.

Be Actively Involved

College is not all about books; it offers an excellent chance to expand your network. The network you develop during the college period could help fast track your career or entrepreneurial quests. You could meet like-minded people, partner up, and establish a successful business. It is also a chance to meet the right people that can help you secure your dream job. The most comfortable way to build such a productive network is to be actively involved in various functions. Join various college groups, participate in events, volunteer in and out of campus; the only limit is how much you are willing to put yourself out there, be noticed, and impress the right people. With an extensive network, you will find it easier to get through college and develop an effective support system to leverage after graduating.

Save Money

You can employ various strategies to save more money while in college. Among the top money-saving hacks includes;

  • Student discounts – Don’t shy away from the readily available student discounts. Even better, ask for student discounts while shopping in various stores, even those that don’t seem to offer such bargains. You’d be surprised by how much you can save if you capitalize on the student discounts, a hack that savvy shoppers employ.
  • Sell, buy, and swap stuff – You don’t have to spend a fortune on new items while you can find used ones in good condition at a bargain. You also don’t have to hoard stuff you don’t need. With online services, you can sell, buy, and even swap items, allowing you to save more money. However, don’t go overboard; cheap items can be quite tempting, stressing the need to be self-disciplined and only buy what you need.
  • Free meals – Free meal opportunities are practically limitless, especially during the busy seasons such as the first few weeks of the year. From student-government body activities, freshman welcoming events, club recruitments, among other activities, you can enjoy healthy meals without spending a buck. Apart from free meals, you can also save a lot by cooking instead of buying from the cafeteria. With fresh produce supplies and simple recipes that take a few minutes to prepare, you can save big bucks along the way.

Part-Time Jobs are a Gem

Part-time jobs offer a lot more than a chance to pocket a few bucks, making it an ideal consideration while in college. You’ll improve your time and money management skills along the way. You won’t be sitting idle a lot, and as you feel the pinch of making money, you won’t be as cavalier as you are while spending what you didn’t sweat to get. The best part is that you can comfortably extend your social network and accrue skills that give you an edge in the competitive market.

Your Health Matters

Your physical and mental well-being shouldn’t take the backseat while in college. Observe your diet portions to ensure you are getting the necessary nutrients. Physical exercise is also essential, and the best part is that you can do it without spending a penny. Joining a sporting activity is an ideal solution for your physical exercise needs, not to mention that you can take advantage of the college gym. Adequate sleep is also essential, giving your body and mind a chance to rest and repair from the wear and tear experienced throughout the day.

Striking a balance as you navigate college life shouldn’t be such a hassle. With proper planning, including various hacks such as highlighted above, you can have fun and study comfortably, ensuring that you enjoy smooth and productive college life.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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