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Signage, to be simply put, is the design of symbols or words or the use of graphic display to communicate an intended message to a target audience or the population at large. Signages are part of our everyday life as we see them at almost every part of the public space. In order to effectively pass the message, these signage are better and greatly designed by acclaimed and the very best sign manufacturers.

We run into signage every day of our life at every corner of the street and city. Its use and importance cannot be overemphasized as far the passing of message in the 21st century is concerned. However, the use of signage both for commercial and private purposes is not modern as the use of same dates back to the ancient times. In the earliest days of the use of signage, the early Christians used the cross to denote their assembly and the pagans used the moon and the sun as the sign of their religious affiliations.

The use of signs and graphic designs was also commercially put to use in the ancient times. In ancient Rome, sign posts were used for commercial purposed by placing same at the front of shops or to announce a public event. The use of signs in the earliest times were recorded to have also particularly in China, the retail signage of the “White rabbit” sewing needles were popular during the Song Dynasty of 960-1127 CE.

The use of signage in the medieval period was generally optional for traders and business owners. However in the 14th century particularly in 1389 during the reign of King Richard II of England, Landlords and persons who deal on “ale” were compelled to erect signs outside their premises or place of business. Although this was for regulation purposes, the practice of signage spread quickly to all types of commercial establishment throughout the Middle Ages. Ordinary signs became insufficient to distinguish businesses and owners started employing variety of designs to look distinct from the other businesses in the area.

Since the reason for the use of signage is to get the attention of the populace, signages were often made with an elaborate character. They were and are still made with great artistic designs and sometimes large and conspicuous manner. Sign manufacturers made these designs to attract the attention of the public towards getting the intended message to be correctly put, sign manufacturers in the sign industry specializes them in great graphic designs with awesome artistic merit in order to stand out. Signages are informative and educative so sign manufacturers kept in mind the objects of signs which are

  • Persuasive Marketing or advertising: signs are used for the promotion of business and attraction of customers. These signs are made to be persuasive and eye catching so as to endear the business to the potential customers. Quality signs are not just known to bring people to the knowledge of a business but to entice them as well.
  • Recognition and Identification: good sign manufactures in the sign industry engage in great designs to help people easily identify a place or recognize a brand for example, signs help in the identification of a lavatory or recognition of brands like Pepsi and McDonald.
  • Information: signage can as well be informative and educative. It is used to provide information on places and events as well as educate the general population about a place or a thing.
  • Appearance & Aesthetics: Sometimes, signs are also put up to upgrade and beautify the general appearance of a public space contractors have to enhance the face of the environment in order to make it look nice.
  • Navigation/ way finding: These signs show location of services and facilities as well as aid visitors or customers in a building in a place in order to easily find their way and avoid the embarrassment of getting lost.
  • Safety, Health and Regulation:These are popularly called warning signs. They are used in providing safety tips and regulations in a building or an outdoor location on what persons are to do while at the place or in the case of an emergency.

The usefulness of the sign manufacturers and the sign industry as stated above cannot be overemphasized but it is advised that you engage the services of a sign industry in the sign manufacturing business to design and produce quality sign to help you move your business forward.



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Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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