Should You Choose Self-Production or OEM Service of Photography Accessories?

If you are into photography and pursuing it as a career or finding the right manufacturing facility to produce your products, you’d have faced the dilemma of choosing between OEM and self-production service of photography accessories. One might claim to provide better features than the other and still be priced lower but the other has the name of the manufacturer your smartphone or camera accessories came from. The choice is tough. 

As we all know, photography accessories are important to get the best out of a smartphone, camera, even GoPro but how do you select them? Well, we will try to address this issue as best we can today and let you decide which is the right way to go.

OEM Photography Accessories 

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) accessories are the ones made by or made on the specifications of the company or brand that makes the photographic equipment. OEM parts are the best choice for any photographic equipment setup. They offer the highest degree of compatibility and dependability. Moreover, some other characteristics that you’ll get only in the case of OEM photography accessories are the following: 

  • One of the best things about OEM accessories is that they do not have any compatibility issues. You can just plug and play and they do not require any adapters or other devices. For example, if you have a mobile camera lens, you can fit it on any of your smartphones.
  • As OEM photography accessories are manufactured by the professional manufacturer, they know everything about the functioning of the equipment. This means that these accessories integrate better with smartphones and perform better.
  • OEM service of best photography accessories generally has a better build quality than that of self-production because they possess a team of experts and advanced systems in the vertical field to control the whole production.
  • The integration of OEM photography accessories is smooth and seamless. They fit well with the photographic equipment to make an ecosystem in which you can work peacefully without any issues.

Self-Production Photography Accessories 

On the other hand, in the self-production model, the company designs and builds the product (photography accessories), which is then marketed by third parties. Self-production of cool photography accessories might seem to be cost lesser than the OEM ones but that is not the case in reality. They don’t give you an experience as good as the OEM ones, and this is because:

  • In addition to considering the operation of finished products and brands, self-production also needs to spend extra time and costs in the production of accessories. Therefore, self-production will have less awareness of details about the photographic equipment and don’t perform sufficient R&D. The resulting products are in single series and do not perform very well.
  • These accessories are generally not of the high quality that you can find on OEM accessories.
  • Self-production of coo photography accessories are made to work with as few devices as possible, which means they cannot work perfectly for other products on the market. They are designed to be just Okay with their own photographic equipment.
  • The manufacturers of these photography accessories for phones or cameras generally need to expand production plants and recruit more workers, which virtually increases more costs.

Are you still wondering why OEM photography accessories are better than the self-production ones? Let’s see!

Things that Make OEM Photography Accessories Better 

OEM photography accessories are generally made by bigger companies. Most of these companies have the following facilities that make them better at making best photography accessories.

  • They have larger production facilities and perform extensive R&D before producing a product.
  • They have a testing facility and experienced staff to research and improve their products; they can create accessories that fulfill all the conditions.
  • They know the internal workings of the photographic equipment’s accessories meant for and can make accessories that integrate better.
  • They make the best photography accessories that are specialized to work with a single or a wide range of photographic equipment, which makes them perfect.

Final Thoughts

To increase the functionality of your photographic equipment, you’ll need to get accessories to be able to do that. Accessories can be obtained from the manufacturer that accept OEM service. 

If you weigh the merits and demerits of both, you can see that OEM variants offer a greater value for money. One such producer is APEXEL. It is a company, which is providing OEM services of the mobile camera lens and photography accessories compatible with the mobile phone, SLR, micro-single camera, and GoPro for more than a decade. With a client base in over 70 countries, APEXEL offers a one-stop service for the sellers. If you’re looking for the best OEM service of the best photography accessories, we will strongly recommend APEXEL.

If you still have some queries or want to know anything related to the photography accessories, simply leave a message in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 



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