Should I Buy Used Alloy Wheels?

alloy wheels

Depending on the type of car you drive, the cost of replacing an alloy wheel today, could cost you a much higher price than expected. 

Cost of Alloy Wheels

With the advent of diamond cut wheels as standard on the majority of new models.

The price of the average new alloy wheel has risen to anything from  £120.00 per wheel to £1750.00 dependant on the car make and model.

The cost of refurbished or used alloy wheels for German cars comes in on average £250.00 – £350.00 and these wheels still might have faults. Diamond cut alloys come with some headaches (see here).

Damaged Alloy Wheels

The most common alloy wheel damage is kerbing and corrosion, followed by cracks or buckled wheels, according to All of these can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new wheel by a reputable alloy wheel repair centre. Prices from £65.00 per wheel. 

Diamond cut alloy wheel repair is slightly more expensive, starting from £90.00 per wheel. Some wheels will be damaged beyond repair, anything which has affected the structural integrity of the wheel will need replacing.

For more info on repairing damaged alloy wheels, see this guide.

Should I Buy New or Used?

You will find a large selection of new and used wheels on Ebay, some will have been refurbished or have slight damage.

Things to look out for when buying used or refurbished wheels.

            •           Cracked Alloy Wheels – always ask the seller if they have been checked for cracks or have been previously welded?

            •           Buckled Alloy Wheels – Ask the seller if the wheel balance ok and have been checked for buckles?

            •           Diamond cut wheels – how many times have they had a diamond cut wheel repair?

As a rule you should always stay away from the above types of damage, all 3 types of damage affect the wheels structure and safety. Wheels with more than 2 weld repairs will not pass the MOT or buckled wheels.

As a rule of thumb, you would be able to refurbish your own wheel or wheels if not damaged beyond repair, and you will know the history of the wheels.

The next option is to do your due diligence when buying used or refurbished wheels. If you are buying from ebay make sure the seller has a high rating and has answered the questions of the previous damage of the wheels.

Buying new alloy wheels is the most expensive option and if money is not an issue always buy new.

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