Sergey Young’s Longevity Vision Fund Pursues Immortality Against Nature’s Challenge

Sergey Young, an entrepreneur and visionary, is the founder of the Longevity Vision Fund, spearheading research into the unexplored realm of super-longevity. Demonstrating unmatched organizational and leadership skills, Young is on a mission to realize his dream of enabling people to lead healthy lives for 130 years and beyond.

Upcoming Supplements by Sergey Young

In the realm of health, Sergey Young is far from a newcomer; his journey is marked by intentional choices. A graduate of the Warwick Business School, he holds degrees in business administration, chemistry, and economics. The amalgamation of these degrees and knowledge has been pivotal for his ventures, setting him apart in the health industry with technologies exclusive to him and his companies.

While not the first to aspire to conquer the peaks of longevity, Sergey Young stands out as one of the few experts steadily achieving success on the untrodden path where many have faltered.

Young initially outlined his pursuit, if not of immortality, then certainly of extended longevity, in his world bestseller, “The Science and Technology of Growing Young.” The book swiftly became a guide for those envisioning a meaningful life well beyond the currently accepted lifespan.

Sergey Young is a mainstay in the biotechnological industry. In his research, Young integrates the latest findings in biology, pharmacology, and artificial intelligence, aiming to craft a magical elixir—supplements offering hope for near-immortality.

It’s crucial to emphasize that Sergey Young is not a “biohacker” or modern alchemist but a responsible researcher, relying on thoroughly tested and scientifically proven solutions in his quest for longevity and, ultimately, immortality.

What Does Sergey Young’s Longevity Vision Fund Have To Offer?

Within the fantastical realm of his “empire of immortality,” researchers from fifty countries collaborate on creating a biotech equivalent of the philosopher’s stone—supplements capable of overcoming the genetic shortcomings of the human body. The Longevity Vision Fund finances innovative research in areas such as:

  • Repairing damaged parts and sequences of DNA
  • Slowing down or halting biological clocks
  • Preventing genetically caused diseases like cancer
  • Developing AI-based early-warning systems predicting diseases long before symptoms manifest

Despite their diverse orientations, these research efforts synergize powerfully, yielding unprecedented results. Sergey Young’s teams have achieved reprogramming and regenerating complicated cells, early heart attack forecasts by AI, cancer diagnosis by AI “physicians,” and organ regeneration using a patient’s own cells, to name a few. Many more breakthroughs are anticipated.

Sergey Young, the Perpetual Force

In his unyielding mission, Sergey Young remains ceaselessly active, traveling globally and meeting up to 200 colleagues and like-minded experts annually.

His latest venture, the Healthspan Xprize Foundation, set to launch in 2024, promises to elevate the science of growing young to new heights. The six-year project aims to create genetic supplements erasing “age markers” from human DNA, potentially halting or even reversing biological clocks.

Additionally, in the following year, Sergey Young plans to unveil another research initiative named “Targeting Aging with Metformin” (the “TAME” trial). As suggested by its acronym, the task involves taming the aging process using supplements traditionally employed as a cure for pancreatic diabetes. These are just a few examples of what the world has to look forward to in terms of innovations by Young and his companies.

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