SEO Secrets that Boost Organic Traffic

increase organic search engine traffic with SEO

It is not easy to build your site’s organic traffic. There is no quick fix.

But then again, it is also the most significant investment of your time and effort you can make.

Many businesses spend a minimal amount to get traffic on their website via social media ads or Google AdWords. They can surely get you the traffic that you are aiming for. But the downside to these types of marketing strategies is that the traffic stops coming once you stop paying.

Organic traffic is the traffic that you get without paid marketing. Visitors land on your page through search results. And this traffic can be generated by your website’s content if you implement the right SEO tricks.

If you are struggling to get organic traffic to your website, here are some SEO secrets you can implement right away!

  • Link building

Link building is one of the easiest SEO tricks that can boost organic traffic. When you build links, you add your link and links from other website pages in your content.

In a study carried out by Google Search Quality Strategist, it was revealed that link building and quality content are the two most crucial signals for ranking websites during searches.

However, there are some strategies to follow while building links. Ensure that the source you are linking is recent, and it should be a trustworthy source.

Add rel=“nofollow” on outgoing links. Also, use internal links to redirect your website visitors between pages on your website. It will increase the Average Time spent on your website.

  • Reduce bounce rates

Regardless of where your traffic is coming from, at one point in time, you will experience bounce. You can’t eliminate it completely, but you can at least reduce them.

In one study, it was found that the average bounce rate of the tested websites was 49%. In general, a bounce rate between 26 to 40% is outstanding, 41 to 55% is more or less average, 56 to 70% is higher than average, and anything above 70% is poor.

The reasons for increased bounce rates can be many.

bounce rate reasons are varied

Try and limit the bounce rates by embedding videos and other media. It will exert a pull on the users to navigate through the internal links and spend more time on your site.

You can further examine your metrics and identify why visitors are leaving.

Use exit pop-ups to detect when your visitor is about to leave your page and attract them with offers, coupons, or discounts. Using personalized CTAs is another great strategy. It can convert 42% extra visitors into leads as compared to untargeted CTAs.

  • Install an SSL certificate

In a survey, it was found out that US consumers are less likely to give out personal information online. Many consumers don’t understand how the data they provide is used. And there is always the fear of getting compromised.

Installing an SSL certificate can help solve this issue. Designed with the primary aim to encrypt information shared on the internet, an SSL certificate from a trusted CA can also provide trust seals and other visual cues such as HTTPS and green padlock indicating to your visitors that your site is secure.

Just ensure to get the SSL cert from a reputed CA. For instance, a Comodo PositiveSSL certificate will be easily recognized by your visitors as the certificate-issuing authority is reputed.

  • Make your site mobile-friendly

More than three billion people worldwide use a smartphone today, and it is estimated that the number will grow by several hundred million in the near future. 

If you are not optimizing your site for mobile, you are missing out on a lot. A study has found out that 94% of people judge a site based on how responsive its web design is. And visitors are more likely to abandon a site that is not mobile-friendly.

Moreover, a mobile-friendly website will rank better on Google’s search engine. You can leverage Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) program that aids the search engine to deliver superior websites with almost immediate load time.

  • Assess your URL structure

Your site’s URL structure is crucial in boosting organic traffic. Several studies have found out that short URLs perform better in Google’s search results.

Get rid of underscores, capital letters, and special characters in your URLs so that they will perform better. Keep them short and focus on the main keyword you want to rank for.

  • Use data metrics

Using data metrics to your advantage can help boost your organic traffic. There are tools like Google Analytics that can allow you to keep track of users who visit your site and blog. You will also come to know which keywords were used by your visitors while searching, which pieces of content are popular, and how much time the visitors spent reading certain articles.

When you can obtain all these results, you can use that to your advantage and tweak your content.

To boost your organic traffic, you will have to give your users the best experience. And it includes answering their queries, giving information, quality advice, and insight.

Wrapping Up

It is easier said than done, but optimizing your organic traffic with these SEO tricks will take you a long way. Once you have the traffic you want, you don’t have to do any paid marketing in order to retain them.

Also, remember to create relevant, informative, and fresh content regularly.

A business cannot survive today online without relying on some extend on search engines. And search engines are more or less all about identifying the best content with the right keywords and producing it to the users.

By using the right SEO strategy, you can definitely rank higher in search engine rankings and boost your organic traffic.



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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