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Undoubtedly, we live in a world with abundant amusing content easily accessible in video form, yet it is the fact that the popular video platforms like YouTube and Facebook refuse individual’s free download requirements. Of course, we always prepare a way for such a barrier. Today, our task is to lead you to the best Online Video Downloader, VidPaw.

Part 1. An Overview of VidPaw

Part 2. VidPaw: Download Video In This Way

Part 3. ViaPaw Already Opens Extension Service!

Part 1. An Overview of VidPaw

You might ask, what’s VidPaw? Simply, VidPaw is a video downloader website. But amazingly it opens free download chance to all with great connections with almost all the video websites and platforms. For example, it fits well with the popular YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, DailyMotion and so on. With VidPaw the best video downloader, you get a pathway to the rich collection of video resources.


You can take ease to download video with VidPaw on your browser as the excellent downloader performs a good job on almost all browsers. There are quality and format options for the download video and audio. If the original video source takes with subtitles, you get the chance to download the corresponding SRT file. Also, VidPaw leaves you simple download ways for your convenience.

Features of VidPaw

  • Download videos from over 1,000 sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc.
  • Compatible with all browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and so on.
  • Include no ads, which aims at providing a simple interface and secure site for users.
  • Completely free for its download service.

Part 2. VidPaw: Download Video with URL Link

You can download video with VidPaw on your Windows / Mac computer or Android / iOS mobile device. Usually, you just need to enter the VidPaw website for download. But for iOS users, please download Documents first in the App Store. Then either PC or mobile users can follow the ways below using URL link.

Way 1. URL Copy & Paste

Step 1. Open the browser on your device. Enter the video website and open the video page.

Step 2. Find the address bar on the top. Copy the URL link of the video in the bar.

Step 3. Switch to In the search bar, paste the video URL link. Click “Start”.

Step 4. Scroll down the page. Then you will see the selection area for format and quality. After that, click “Download” to ensure the result.

VidPaw Download YouTube

In this way, VidPaw will download video quickly from the video website. Rarely anyone will fail the download work with VidPaw. The strong connection with multiple video platforms is why we put VidPaw as the best video Downloader. You can check the amazing full list here. Also, you can run VidPaw on any portable device with a browser. Yet iOS phone users should install “Download” file in ahead for the subsequent work.

Way 2. [YouTube Only] Change URL Link

Actually, when you enter VidPaw, you may notice a quick trick download path for YouTube video – It works in the way of inserting “paw” behind “youtube” in the address bar of the original video source. Clearly, you change “” to “”.

VidPaw Change URL

As such, the search work will be simplified and you will be directed to the download page on VidPaw. Afterwards, please follow: click “Start” option > select format & quality > click “Download” option. A few minutes later, you can see the VidPaw download YouTube video well on your device.

Part 3. VidPaw Already Opens Extension Service!

Good news comes that VidPaw now offers extension service! That means you can set VidPaw as the download widget of your browser, provided that your browser is extension supported. Anyway, let’s try to download video with VidPaw extension.

Tampermonkey should be pre-installed for use of extension. The following list is download ways for some common browsers.

After that, click here to download and install VidPaw extension. All set, next time you enter the video page, you will see the pawlike icon below the video playback window. Click it, and you will be moved to the download page on VidPaw. Just select the format and quality for the download resource, and quickly you will get it saved on your PC or mobile phone. By the way, if unfortunately your browser is extension incompatible, you can alternatively bookmark the VidPaw website for convenient use.

VidPaw Extension


Why we use VidPaw to Download video? Believe it or not, it’s the best video downloader with full-scale superior service. With VidPaw, you share the chance to download nearly all the online video resources with high quality without wasting even a penny. Just be sure that you get a PC, tablet, Android / iOS mobile phone with a good network connection (advice here), open the browser and enter VidPaw, you can get any video available.

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