Saving the Environment by Using Electric Bikes

Global warming is a serious problem and it has become more important than ever to save the environment. There is no denying that the burning of fossil fuels contributes significantly to the issue, making it essential to reduce the use of gas and coal.

To achieve the goal of a cleaner and greener earth, efforts are required from the governments as well as the citizens. While you may feel that your attempts will go in vain, but the smallest gestures in protecting the environment can go a long way.

Changing the mode of transportation and opting for eco-friendly commute options is the foremost thing to do if you want to save the planet. A folding electric bike can prove to be an excellent choice as they run on a tiny electric motor and have zero emissions.

These bicycles rely on electric power and human power to move and are easy to use when commuting within the city limits. Here are different ways explained in which these bikes save the environment from various negative effects:

Reducing the Emission Levels

All your automobiles that run on gas emit methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide, contributing a great deal to global warming. Do you know that a passenger vehicle releases 4.6 tons of carbon dioxide in a year?

The more alarming fact is that the larger vehicles running on diesel release even more quantities of these poisonous gases. Apart from disrupting the land and marine ecosystems, these emissions damage the ozone layer and may even cause acid rain.

Given such hazardous effects of automobiles on the environment, folding electric bikes prove to be a savior of the planet. These bikes produce zero emissions while keeping the commute easier because of the electric motor.

Good Replacement for Second Cars

Compared to any other gas-powered vehicle, these electric bikes allow you clean travel. Carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants are almost non-existent. An electric bike doesn’t produce even one-tenth of the emissions produced by a car.

They are cost-effective too as you save all the money that would have been spent on buying a new car. The additional costs of gas and parking are also saved and you can pave your way through narrow alleys and terrains.

While carrying extra weight might prove to be an issue, you can still resolve the problem by using side baskets and saddlebags. There are attachments available that can haul the extra weight but you can only carry a limited number of items when riding a bicycle.

Batteries Last for a Long Time

While electric bikes do not release dangerous chemicals in the air, but this doesn’t mean that they do not produce any waste. All electric bikes run on a battery that eventually needs to be replaced.

When these batteries are disposed of, they add up to the waste in the landfills. The good thing about the batteries used in electric bikes is that they last for a long time and do not need to be replaced that often.

Batteries that run on lead are harmful to the environment but e-bikes are powered with batteries that have lithium-ion. This further reduces the carbon footprint on the environment, making the e-bike batteries eco-friendly.

Runs on Sustainable Energy

The battery of an electric bike is charged using electricity, which is usually produced through processes that are harmful to the environment. However, even this can be reduced if eco-friendly ways are adopted to charge your electric bike.

Solar and wind power are perfect alternatives to standard electricity and reduce carbon footprint even more than off-peak electric use. As the sun and the wind are available in unlimited quantities, they become a green power choice.

Both solar and wind industries are growing around the world. Because of this growth, this kind of energy will become more accessible and affordable to the masses, taking the world to a greener lifestyle.

Saving the Roadways

All the large vehicles gradually harm the roads causing cracks and road pits. These roads require maintenance and need to be rebuild so that they remain usable for all kinds of vehicles.

Huge machines are used to repair the damage that is caused by cars, trucks, and other heavy vehicles. These machines produce high levels of emissions that add a lot of carbon footprint and pollution to the environment.

Since electric bikes are light in weight, they cause less damage to the roads as compared to any other vehicles. The roads do not require to be maintained that often if light-weight vehicles run on them.

Going the Distance

Electric bikes provide you access to places where other vehicles don’t. Since they are smaller in size and lighter in weight, they can handle narrow passages and do not cause any disruption in your journey.

Because of the electric assistance, a biker doesn’t have to spend the entire pedaling. He can switch between the two modes of the bike at any time according to his preference and make the ride easier for himself.

Electric bikes can easily travel between 20 to 50 miles on a single charge. While they are a slow vehicle, they are still very useful for local commute and help in minimizing your carbon footprint on the environment.

The Bottom Line

There is a wide range of electric bikes available in the market, which implies that all of them are not going to possess the same kind of quality. It is better to get it from a reputable store where you can always take it back for maintenance or service.

Electric bikes haven’t been able to gain enough popularity as people are still unaware of their benefits to the environment. However, they are potentially the future of transportation as more people are now concerned about environmental issues.

In addition to the environmental benefits, these bikes are financially affordable and make riding fun for the rider. They encourage people to cycle more that also brings about good effects on the health of the person.

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