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If you want to generate sales fast, creating a sales funnel is by far the best and most reliable way to go about doing this. There are some great software options out there that are available to achieve this aim. However, the problem with sales funnel software is that not all of them tend to deliver the same results, so it is important to use the right software to ensure you are maximizing your sales. Here are the software programs that you should consider.


Clickfunnels (official site) is one of the most well known software options for creating sales funnels, and for good reason. They have built up an enviable reputation which has been difficult for others to match.

Their software is fully adaptable to your own website, and it is easy to modify and setup, even for novices. We think they offer the most options in terms of customization.

If your website is looking to build sales, you want to be able to push the boundaries and reach that next level by using sales funnels. And with sales funnels offered by Clickfunnels, you really get to have that. For a more in depth Clickfunnels review, head over to

Are There Any Alternatives to Clickfunnels?

Ontraport has similar features to Clickfunnels, it’s automated, it has payment integration, and you can easily access sales, finance, and create customizable campaigns.

Samcart can also be a good one to try. This particular solution is all about creating a simplistic and powerful checkout routine. It only focuses on checkout, and while it has good payment integration options, it lacks on the sales funnel side in my opinion. That’s a problem because you want adaptability and value when it comes to choosing a software solution.

Unbounce ( is a landing page builder that gives you a really impressive drag and drop page building experience. It is super portable and adaptable, which will be useful to many website developers. And on top of that, it’s cheaper than Clickfunnels. But it lacks campaign management, email marketing, and it comes with less features overall. That alone will be an issue if you want a more powerful and reliable sales funnel experience.

Instapage is similar to Unbounce, and they have a really good landing page builder. The lack of digital marketing features really drags both Unbounce and Instapage down, however.

While there are some Clickfunnels alternatives (such as these), the reality is that Clickfunnels still stands out as the best solution. We like it because you can easily create a campaign, customize your email marketing, which will help bring in traffic to your website. Everything is adaptable, seamless and while the costs are a bit higher, you do get a better ROI. In the end, we feel you still get plenty of value for the money and you will be happy with the overall experience.

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