Rooftop Support System Information

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Rooftop support systems are free-standing devices used to offer strong support to equipment like ductwork, pipes, HVAC, and work platforms installed on commercial building rooftops. The framework will have height and hinge adjustment options. The majority of the rooftop support system includes plastic bases attached to single or more metal legs with supportive cross-members. The heavy-duty rubber base is UV resistant and durable. They are non-penetrating and easy to install. They are safe options for every roof type including steel, concrete, and rubber membrane. 

The elevated Con-form Group roof platform systems are more superior than traditional aluminum roof HVAC platforms. The added height allows for easy integration for mounting rooftop equipment, mini splits, and condensers without penetrating the floor of the roof. 

Different rooftop support types

  • Pipe supports – It is designed to support the entire piping system spread across the building rooftop. Cable trays, rectangular or spiral ducts and pipes are securely and safely mounted. These are available in different configurations suitable for many applications. Non-penetrating rubber bases remove the need for digging the surface. Pre-cut framing and welded cross braces decrease the hardware while facilitating easy adjustability. No fabrication time is needed. 
  • Cable tray supports – These are just like other rooftop support but include prefabricated vertical support resembling a ladder.
  • Duct supports – HVAC systems include ducts & ductwork and the duct supports are created to offer stability to the ducts. 
  • Solar panel supports – It connects both horizontal and vertical panels to create a structure, which is supportive of PV [photovoltaic] panels’ weight.
  • Equipment supports – It can feature single legs instead of 2 distributed legs for better AHU [air handling units] support.
  • Specialty supports – This system is designed especially for telecommunication needs.
  • Crossover ramps – Crossover ramp is Crossover Bridge without stairs allowing wheeled equipment or carts to be transported with ease over the obstacles. The ramps are anti-slip and offer enhanced traction and increased roof safety. A transitional curb offers a smooth transition between access to the ramp and roof, thus reducing trip hazards. 
  • Access platforms – The platforms are built on durable steel framing and use a heavy-duty rubber base for enhanced support and stability. The rooftop support system is pre-fabricated and assembled on-site without any need for rigging, welding, or cutting. You only need a wrench to install the support system. The access platforms offer a safe walking surface to roof maintenance workers.
  • Rooftop walkways – Safe walking surface is crucial for technicians to perform rooftop equipment maintenance. 
  • Roof guard rail – It is a simple solution for edge fall protection. It can be used with access platforms, stairs, rooftops, loading docks, and gangways.  
  • Wind & seismic bracing – It is a great solution for supporting HVAC ducts, cable trays, and piping in regions vulnerable to wind and seismic. The heavy-duty base is bolted down securely to the roof surface for a permanent solution. The wind & seismic bracing system is adjustable as it accommodates plenty of height variance. 

Remember to look for a rooftop support system designed according to OSHA safety protocols!

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