Review of the Roborock S5 Intelligent Vacuum Robot: Functions and Features

Review of the Roborock S5

Technology keeps moving forward day by day. The appliances are increasingly varied and more technologically developed. Among all these inventions are vacuum robots.

As the name implies, they are vacuum cleaners whose simplest function is to vacuum dust and all kinds of dirt. Besides these basic functions, these robots are able to scan the place they should clean and generate a map to travel the place without hitting any obstacle. There are so many advantages of using robotic vaccums, which this Forbes article explores.

This robot has an internal structure designed and designed to give you the best cleaning on your floors. Its strong point is each of the internal elements and its operation. It also includes sensors and is capable of generating a map to move freely in the room where you place it.

1) Design With Botanical Biomimetic Philosophy

The Roborock S5 ( vacuum cleaner has a sweeping and mopping capacity that provides better cleaning. Its tank applies a botanical biomimetic philosophy that, joined with the micro-fiber cloth, facilitates household cleaning.

The system we are talking about mimics a tree: the filter acts as the root and the rag like the leaves. You can organically control the water filtration for wet mopping for an hour.

2) Biomimetic Vascular Beam Filter

This vacuum cleaner has a stable water filtration capable of purifying all impurities. Its high precision botanical biomimetic vascular beam filter attach with the tanks of water with the mop. Its function is to automatically absorb water according to the capillary principle to make the fabric keep enough water and filter the impurities in it.

At the exact time, it prevents the water channel from being blocked. And, as if that weren’t enough, the filter has a modular design that allows easy disassembly and replacement.

3) Biomimetic Tank and Vacuum Design

The s5 enjoys, on the one hand, a design whose maximum edge accessory is used for the fabric and the tank of water to join. This makes the fabric perfectly bonded to the tank of water defeating the hemming experience during wiping.

On the other hand, it has a biomimetic botanical water tank that is easily removed in a drawer. It is removed and inserted into the base of the vacuum when mopping without turning.

4) Displacement

The high-precision LSD laser range sensor can scan your room in seconds to obtain remote information that will then be calculated using the industry-leading SLAM algorithm to generate a real-time map. According to the map, a route will be planned along the edges and then Z-shaped for efficient and complete cleaning. This map is reflected in the application that you must have on your smartphone.

5) Integral System of Cleaning

The Roborock 5 has a dynamic fixed long-pressure fan that functions as a great suction power of cyclone. Besides, it has the soaring main brush that conforms well to the floor.

Another amazing function is that you will not need to make modifications to your robot so that it can do better cleaning when it bumps your carpets. The Roborock vacuum S5 can identify them automatically and turn on the maximum suction for cleaning.

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