Rest Better: 5 Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

5 Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Having a good sleep is an almost impossible subject for many people. For some, this can be due to the amount of tasks they have to complete unfailingly each day, while for many others, they just cannot seem to sleep well, however much they desire it. 

Insomnia, jet lag, and work hours’ shifts are all various reasons that can be responsible for inadequate sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep should not be considered as a luxury but rather as a necessity. Sleep disorders come as a result of a long train of possible reasons such as, the restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea and the likes. 

Such individuals are then faced with the challenge of regulating and finding a sleep pattern that best suits their body also provides them with enough room for rest. The standard number of sleeping hours per day has been estimated to be about 8 hours, of which one should not go less than 6 hours per day for whatever reason.

Results of Inadequate Rest in The Body

Over the years, the amount of sleep gotten by individuals has gradually declined in quality, thereby leading to a number of results. Topping the list of these results is a subsequent gradual decline in that person’s health quality. Other cases resulting from poor sleep quality include;

  • Poor productivity of such individual during the day
  • Weight gain
  • Effect on hormonal balance
  • Reduced brain function

Getting to get the best quality sleep your body requires each day could mean deliberate efforts from your part. Some tips to help you in your quest include;

What You Take In Can Also Be a Determinant of Your Sleep Quality 

The type of substances taken into the body can be a strong determinant of the body’s sleep output. There are various herbal substances that are known to help promote the body’s wellness through sleep. Herbal substances such as sayan chaga which is for sale at websites such as are known to be quite helpful for this. 

 It is of known knowledge that caffeine and alcohols are often used as a stimulant to keep an individual awake and active during the day. Therefore, if you desire to increase the quality of your sleep, it would be best to avoid substances that contains the caffeine stimulant in it.

Use of these stimulants will most likely reduce the length of sleep at night causing an irregular sleep pattern.  

The Hidden Power of Yoga 

The mind is a powerful tool that can be effectively used to achieve virtually any purpose you want to. Having a clear mind is a very important factor to consider if you really want to rest adequately. There are several relaxing yoga poses ( that can be effectively used to achieve a state of tranquility in the mind.

The use of yoga helps empty the mind of thoughts, therefore leaving the body in a restful and sleepy state of mind. 

Be Consistent With your Sleep Time 

The effect of a consistent sleep time cannot be undermined in getting good sleep. One major reason why people do not sleep well is because their body is really not used to their sleep timing. The human body responds to constant repetition of patterns; the body’s cardiac rhythm is aligned with nature’s pattern of sunrise and sunset. As such sleeping at irregular timing can be confusing to the body.

To avoid, this, you should preset the same time to sleep and wake every day (according to this page), use alarms if necessary to ensure that you stick to this cycle. If you must take a nap during the day, have a fixed time for it and make it a short nap at that. The long run effect of this can be beneficial to the quality of sleep gotten.

Be Physically Active

Exercise and physical activity during the daytime helps in preparing the mind and brain for a good night rest. The practice of exercise during the day has been shown to reduce symptoms of insomnia in individuals at night, say the SleepFoundation.

Since exercise is known to increase the level of awareness, it is however not advisable do it late in the evening towards bedtime.

Ensure Your Sleeping Environment is Conducive Enough 

The state of your bedroom can also affect the kind of sleep you get. Factors to look out for in this case will include; lightening of the room, the room temperature, the amount of noise that enters the room and also the kind of furniture used to sleep.

Setting your room lights to reflect dimmer colors can assist in the mind’s transitioning to a state of rest and sleep eventually. Brighter lights however, can affect the eyes causing a slower sleep response.

The interaction between the room temperature and the body can also be quite influencing. If the body is not at rest, there is going to be a limit to the sleep quantity that can be gotten.

Lastly, the type of furniture used to sleep; how hard or soft your mattress and pillow is can also be a great determining factor. Therefore, always opt for the comfortable types when getting your furniture. 


Knowing these guidelines is not all that matters in getting you what you want. However, being consistent with the guidelines is the key to get you your desired results of quality sleep which will benefit your body and mind.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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