Report Finds That Austin is a Much Better City to Live in than Houston



We all know of the friendly rivalry between Austin and Houston. Well, a recent report has generated a fierce debate as to what city is better. A recent study from U.S. News & World Report showed that Austin came out ahead of Houston.

The study aimed to rank America’s 125 largest metro areas. The score generated for each area was based on factors such as where residents live and work and the quality of life they have, as well as other measures such as housing affordability and employment rates. Not only did Austin beat Houston, it came top of the study as the best place to live in America. Of course, this has not gone down well in Houston, who believe they in fact should take the crown.

We at FeedsPortal went to both cities to try and get reaction to this news.

The distance from Houston to Austin may only be 266km (according to this distance calculator), but they are miles apart in terms of what they think the best city is in the US.

Chuck Johnson, from Austin said “I am not surprised that Austin has come out on top. We have a great quality of life here that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy in a city like New York. Having lived in Houston as well, I still prefer Austin, as I felt like there were greater job opportunities here for me and my family”.

Another Austin native said “Sure, Austin has its good points, but to say it is the best place to live in the US seems strange given how hard it is for youngsters to get on the property ladder. But it is great news for the city”.

Over in Houston, Paul Gardener said “I cannot believe it! Houston is by far a better place to live in my view. Sure, a lot of people will be attracted to the music and outdoor space of Austin, but I feel that Houston has a lot more to offer people who live here. Those who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to make it in live end up in Houston. The city has a lot going for it that Austin doesn’t have.”

Whatever you think is the best, the report is quick to stress that this should only be used as a guide. I will keep my personal opinion to myself, so I can get out of Texas alive…

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