Regular Mowing – It Does Wonders for the Health of Your Gold Coast Lawn

Spring is around the corner down under in Australia. On the bright and sunny Gold Coast, homeowners take pride in a lush lawn! Here are some tips to get to work and reshape your lawn care routine. It may seem like a tedious task, but the results are quite pleasing and satisfying. We know lawn mowing is a time-consuming task. However, aside from busy owners who take pride in hard work, here are a few reasons why you should try it too. 

Facts about regular lawn mowing

Besides impacting the health of your lawn, regular mowing does wonders for your health too. It turns out lawn mowing is beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. The constant back and forth from pushing a lawnmower is in itself an exercise. It is an inexpensive manner to burn calories and get an extra workout.

A complete body workout

The mowing actions will put you in a relaxing state of mind. It will make you forget your troubles at home or work by promoting a state of well-being. Lawn mowing is also excellent for cardio health. 

While you are pushing a lawnmower that uses petrol or electric-powered machinery, it is best for a mild exercise. If you wish to reap excellent benefits, switch to an old-school mower that requires a reel to produce movement. These mowers will provide a robust workout while being light on the wallet and quieter overall.

Burns Calories

Looking for a complete cardio workout too? Cardio increases the oxygen to your heart which keeps it healthy. Let’s learn how cutting and maintaining your lawn is an excellent way to burn calories. The formula for this calculation is mentioned below.

  • Begin by dividing your weight by 2.2. One pound equals 454 grams, in case that helps.
  • Multiply the answer you receive by 0.08.
  • And multiply that answer by the number of minutes you mowed the lawn.

Remember, a manual reel lawn mower will help you burn more calories than walking at the same time.


Many neuroscientists have suggested that the pleasant scent of freshly mown grass can relieve stress. It is better for mental health overall. However, while you are mowing, do not forget to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Eye protection is also required but not necessary. You can also wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun or flying insects.

Prevents aging

The more you exercise or stay active, the younger you look and what better way is there to do that, two birds with one stone –  Lawn Mowing. Ormeau resident Dylan Smyth, runs a lawn care business here. When asked about his health, he joked, “Yes, on the GC we do have a reputation for our trim physiques.” – No doubt the lawn fanatics here can owe it somewhat to their lawn care routines. It is an excellent way to keep yourself active and provoke critical thinking, so your brain stays at the top of its game. It reduces your stress hormones while providing you with Vitamin D goodness. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Sense of Achievement

There is something oddly pleasing about getting your hands dirty in the soil. Being in fresh air provides oxygen to your brain, which keeps it energized. The singing birds soothe the mind. You feel like you have accomplished something while you admire the fresh flower beds.You learn more tricks regarding creativity and soil formation while praising your inner soul.

Cosmetics Benefits of Regular Lawn Mowing


A well-kept lawn is very pleasing to look at. It is a reflection of your gardening skills and taste level. You will feel even more incredible when others begin appreciating your efforts. Be it a neighbor or a family member, small praise goes a long way as motivation.

Even Growth

The lawn bedding, flowers, bushes, and hedges will grow faster when you maintain them regularly. After you have mowed the lawn, the grass has an equal chance of receiving water and sun to grow. It will not grow in even patches or start to brown after growing a certain length.

Equal exposure to water and the sun facilitates healthy growth. It improves the overall enrichment of the soil and flower beds. The lawn will significantly improve in appearance as a testament to your gardening skills.


The most significant advantage of using petrol lawnmowers with a fast blade is fertilization. The cut-up fine grass falls back on the ground. The fallen grass becomes compost and adds to the soil nutrients. It is a form of natural fertilizer that prevents you from purchasing artificial fertilizers that do not come inexpensive.

Pest control

Regular maintenance keeps the lawn pests and weed-free. When you mow the lawn regularly, it is easier to identify the weed. It lowers the pests’ level, and you do not need to cut more than one-third of the grass height since weeds take longer to recover.

Lawn Mowing Tips

Do not scalp!

When you over trim the grass too short, it can uproot easily. This is called scalping.  A scalped lawn is exceptionally vulnerable to pest diseases and weed growth. The grass also grows unevenly and randomly, which is not a great look. If you are experiencing extraordinary weed growth, let your grass grow enough to hold the soil secure. 

Use sharp blades

Maintaining the blades is important as they will become blunt every time you mow the lawn. The blunt blade will cut the grass unevenly with irregular patterns. The tears in grass follicles are heaven for pest growth and diseases as they are full of vitamins and nutrients that can lead to pest habitats. You can keep an extra set of sharp blades in your garage.

Do not mow wet grass

Cutting wet grass on damp soil is the biggest mistake you can make. Wet grass usually clumps together and results in uneven cutting. It will appear extremely uneven and not pleasing to the eye once everything dries. Additionally, you are ruining your shoes with their sunken impression and ruining the landscape.

Cut grass in the shade

The grass is similar to plants in a way it stresses when you cut it. When you mow in the sun, the grass is utilizing more water and will recover slowly. You can mow in the early mornings or wait until there is a shade over the lawn. Mowing in the shade saves your energy, too, as mowing can become tiring pretty fast.


Having the grass edged appropriately can keep it looking nice and crisp. Consider having some paving around the outside and lining gardens with rocks or  small retaining walls. Gold Coast residents will find that there are many options for help with installing systems like this available to them. Afterall, what’s not healthy about a little lawn competition – it’s not the same without a crispy edging job.

Final thoughts

Grass maintenance can become a bother when done repeatedly. Therefore, use the tips mentioned earlier to keep yourself energized during this perceived-boring chore. Remember to practice preventive measures and wear proper safety gear like sunglasses, hats, and gloves especially in the hot Australian heat.



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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