RedGuardian – Making Exceptional Designer Toys for Enthusiasts Worldwide

Since the dawn of time, artists have played a significant role in humanity, and people have been in awe of their exceptional work, which not only adds to the world’s beauty but is a treat to the eyes.

Promoting creativity and innovation is the best thing one can do. Considering that, Angel Martinez, the toy creator from New York, also known as RedGuardian, has made a distinctive mark in the art industry by making unique toys and fancy collectibles for people worldwide. 

RedGuardian LLC – Breathing Life into Inspiration

RedGuardian was obsessed with arts and crafts as a child. He spent all his childhood buried in crafty books and artistic mediums. Doing this was his source of peace, and as the technology progressed, he decided to learn graphic design to express himself digitally.

Later on, right after graduating from school, he started working as a graphic designer for an advertising firm. He had a good command over his art which led him towards his true calling, and he started working on his passion as an entrepreneur.

The ability to be creative sets humans apart from all other creatures. Designer toys and collectibles are famous because they invoke a sense of newness within the human brain.

Building upon this idea, RedGuardian started his artistic journey as a designer toy manufacturer in 2018. Since then, his brand has been making rounds not only on social media but within groups of famous collectors as well.

RedGuardian put his creativity to greater use and became the most in-demand toy designer worldwide. His most famous collectible card series, “The Creatives” garnered a lot of attention from the art community. To add to the dull and unimaginative cultures of the 21st century, RedGuardian decided to promote art and paintings of the most famous names and sought-after artists through his collectible card series. Nowadays, people can’t get enough of these collections and want more of them.

Highest Quality Designer Toys and Collectibles 

RedGuardian does not believe in doing things half-heartedly and genuinely cares about upholding strict standards in his designer toys manufacturing firm, which is quite evident from his timeless pieces.

He has so far launched several designer toys, all of which have been unbelievably high-quality and reasonably priced for everyone to afford.

A few of his first creations were “The Creative Clown” and “Chunder” which were instant hits with both children and adults. Each figurine immediately became a favorite due to their distinctive design, considering the functionality as well.

Customers can also find art prints, trading cards, and exotic pin collections on the official RedGuardian website. 

In an interview, RedGuardian said, “We have so far reached our goals and have made a reputable position in the creative industry. But this is not all; we aspire to expand this business so a lot more people can enjoy our creations. Also, do wait for our new launches; they are definitely going to add to your collections at home.” 

You can enter the magical world of RedGuardian by clicking on any of the links below:

Instagram: @RedGuardianNYC
Facebook: @RedGnyc

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