Rainbow Six Siege Tier List 2022: Best Operators at Platinum And Diamond

If you have stepped into rainbow Siege for the first time and played it leisurely, then opt for the regular game mode. But if you want to play the title intensely, then the competitive rank mode is the ideal platform. As you gain skill and capability, you inch up higher in the hierarchy ladder. The ecosystem follows the rank2 structure. The ultimate position is rank 6, and the base of the rank system is the copper group the other part of the spectrum is the champion faction comprising the elite rainbow siege players of the world.

Intense battlefield

Rainbow Siege is not for weak heart players. In an intense battlefield, you have to protect prisoners and defeat formidable enemies, where every step makes a difference between life and death. There are over forty-five million players of varied skills fighting in the royale battle. To survive in the intense battle, you need some special gear and gadgets. The hacks and cheats give you the undeniable edge to survive and fight against every possible odd when you use undetectable rainbow siege hacks provided by Lavicheats, the odds of warzone tilt in your favor. 

Traverse through 35 rank

The more you move up in the rank hierarchy, the more intense and difficult the ecosystem becomes. There are seven ranking tiers starting from copper to champion. You have to traverse through thirty-five ranks. You would be gifted a house alpha pack, charms, setting, and other assorted items when you accomplish a given rank. Here is the classification of ranks from bottom to zenith:

Copper –I, II, III, IV, V

Bronze- I, II, III, IV, V

Silver- I, II, III, IV, V

Gold- I, II, III, IV, V

Platinum- I, II, III, IV, V

Emerald- I, II, III, IV, V

Diamond – I, II, III, IV, V


Every competitive title has its own evaluation mechanism, Call of Duty has adopted Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM). The structure is layout to balance between skills and experience as feasible. The rainbow siege R6 is designed to acclaim the skill of individual players, which alters based on your feat. You are entitled to enter the copper group when your points are around1 1100. Players in the hall of fame (champion) sport around5, 000 points. At the end of each season, every player is designated rank according to the skill the players exhibited. The ranking system encourages teamwork more than a solo effort. As a team, you are likely as a result you can move up faster in the hierarchy.

Based on the performance 

The rainbow six siege tier list classifies the operators based on their performance at diamond platinum, and above other factors are ban, popularity, and win ratio of each avatar. The tier list is formulated from the pick as well as the ban rate of every operator published by Ubisoft from time to time. In the no-biased list, in my personal opinion, the winning rate of the operators can be surprisingly high, but the tier list is sternly based on performance. The action of an avatar used by a professional player or team does not impact the position of the team in the tier. But other factors like pick, ban, and win rate affect tier position. The accomplishment of the operator totally depends on the ecosystem (game mode), the player`s rank and the challenges faced on the given map, and personal preference and strategy.

The list of operator

The list of the operator in tier 1 is there in alphabetical order. These are Alibi, Hibana, Finka, Lana, Thatcher, Thunderbird, Melusi, Twitch, Zofia, and Valkyrie. The first five characters are attackers, and the last four are defenders. In tier 2, the characters are Aruni, Bandit, Ash Jackal, Jager, Maverick, Kaid, Mozzle, Nomad, Mute, Sledge, Wamai, and Smoke. The initial five characters are aggressors and the last eight one’s protectors. In tier 3, the attackers are Amaru, Dokkaebi, Nokk, and Thermite, and the defenders are Frost, Lesion, Kapkan, Mira, Rook, and Oryx. In tier 4, attackers are; Buck, IQ, Flores, Lion, Osa Montagne, and Ying, and defenders are Caveira, Echo, Doc, Ela, Maestro, Thorn, Pulse, Warden, and Vigil. In tier 5, attackers are; Blackbeard, Capitao, Blitz, Fuze, Gridlock Glaz, Kali, Castle, defenders Azami, Clash, Tachanka, and Oyo.

2 sets of skills in Rainbow Six Siege

At present, there are two sets of skills in rainbow six sieges, the primary one Quick and Unranked, which is used to determine the player’s position in the unranked game mode not associated with the Ranked 2 System. The rank position is not displayed and functions behind the screen to determine a player’s skill in casual mode. In competitive mode, the Ranked Skill plays a crucial role in the hierarchy. In the user profile, the data is present. The innate automated system concludes the player in on copper rank or in the champion segment. In multiplayer mode, this feature helps you to fix more evenhanded matches depending on your skill as a person or squad. Ranked Skill is a dynamic mechanism that considers several factors, such as inactivity in a match, previous records, and skill difference between teams in combat. At the beginning of a season default rank of every player is copper, then according to the performance, they inch up.  

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