PURE Series – Three Features That Make This Baijiu Different

After a thorough product research and development phase, JIANGXIAOBAI launches a new baijiu product series. The PURE sorghum spirit series has been developed to bring the joy of Chinese baijiu to an international audience. In recent years, the sorghum spirit brand from Chongqing has tried to subvert the incomplete perception of Chinese spirits in the international market.

Starting 2017, JIANGXIAOBAI has built up a team for the international market. At present, JIANGXIAOBAI products Express Bottle series, Black Label series, Intimate Friend, and now PURE, are available in more than 20 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America and Africa. 2019 has been a very successful year for the producer of quality spirits. JIANGXIAOBAI spirits have been awarded 34 medals at international spirits competitions. The new PURE product series scored two times silver, first at the IWSC and then at the HKIWSC. The sudden global recognition might be attributed to following three factors.

  • Pure Design

Early this year, the producer of sorghum spirits launched a new product series, aiming to develop the international market for baijius. The PURE series comes in different bottle sizes, one of them a handy small 100 ml. The mini bottle therefore is bigger than the regular 2 cl format, available in the European market for quick shots. A bigger 750 ml version is also being sold for the Northern American market. The design of the bottle adheres to the established minimalism of many Northern European vodka brands. This makes PURE a unique combination of Chinese heritage and international influences.

  • Pure Materials

The simplistic color palette of white and blue goes against classic examples from the baijiu industry. It symbolizes the clear and pure quality of the liquor. The beveled rectangular shape of transparent glass features three stylized waves on front, representing the mighty Yangtze. The fabled Chinese stream provides the water for JIANGXIAOBAI’s production. What’s more, the spirit is distilled from 100% fermented sorghum.

  • Pure Flavor

JIANGXIAOBAI promotes the purity of its products. The brand slogan “Renaissance of the Old Flavor” shows the dedication to original craftsmanship. However, smart innovation and observation of the market are both factors taken very seriously by the company. As a spirit of the light-aroma category, PURE brings a more subtle flavor to the table. This stands in contrast to the strong taste of traditional Chinese liquors. PURE baijiu is suitable as cocktail base, but can also be enjoyed neat with ice. However, with an ABV of 40%, the liquor of PURE 100 and PURE 750 can still be mixed with other spirits such as whisky, brandy or vodka.

By launching the PURE series, JIANGXIAOBAI hopes to bring a spirit product of Chinese baijiu to the world, that offers a smooth, light and real drinking experience.

For more information, please visit: https://www.jiangjidistillery.com/

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