Protein Bar: What It Is And When To Use

An efficient pre or post-workout or even a snack option during the day. This is the proposal of the protein bar, food of high nutritional and protein value. With the convenience of being taken anywhere, the bars provide up to 20g of protein per serving. This makes them an excellent source of food for those who want to stay well-nourished during the day to day rush.

True “Crownhealth”, the protein bars are ideal for a practical and delicious food at any time. They are a source of nutrition for several audiences, such as athletes and women in search of cardiovascular health, for example. Another positive point is the feeling of satiety, which helps anyone who wants to lose weight or stay nourished on a busy day.

But, What is Protein Bar?

The nutritional formulation is what differentiates protein bars from cereal bars. Unlike the latter, which carry various types of sugars and cereals, protein bars are formulated to offer doses of protein, an important macronutrient. Its protein content is about ten times greater than that of ordinary bars. This equates them to even the richest foods in that nutrient, such as meats and dairy products.

To measure quality, the tip is to focus on the list of ingredients in protein bars: the secret lies in the nutritional composition. The ingredient that is in greater quantity is the one that goes first on the list, and so on. It is important to note if the product does not use WPC (concentrated whey protein). This type of protein contains lactose and higher amounts of carbohydrates and fats.

The absorption speed is slower when compared to a WPI (isolated whey protein). It is also important to note if there are ingredients such as milk protein, casein, sugar, caseinate, flavors and artificial preservatives. This is because these have no benefits and should be out of the protein bars of greatest nutritional value.

In addition, the base of macronutrients and micronutrients (such as large amounts of high biological value proteins, prebiotic fibers and beneficial fats without added sugar) from protein bars is also essential, as it is important in the daily nutrition of the body, with the highest level of absorption and efficiency.

When to Use Protein Bars?

Allied for those who want a balanced diet at all times, whether at the gym or out of the house, protein bars also help to avoid consuming high-calorie foods with low nutritional value. Thus, sweet and savory cookies, biscuits, are replaced by a truly vegan nutritious food.

The consumption of this protein food is indicated at times when we seek practicality, such as, for example:

  • In the afternoon
  • During a meeting
  • For sporadic afternoon snacks or breaks between classes and courses
  • On trips
  • When the consumption of “real food” becomes impracticable

Protein Bars in Pre or Post Workout

Those looking to gain lean mass will also be able to benefit from consuming protein bars before or after exercise. Its consumption is even more recommended in cases where the next meal is far away. This is because the supply and replacement of energy and protein are essential in pre-training and post-training.

However, the nutrients that will be replaced with the protein bar vary according to the quality of the product. That is why the importance of an accurate assessment of the ingredients contained in the protein bar at the time of purchase. They define the nutritional value of the bars.

Substitute or Complementary: The Role of the Protein Bar

One of the most frequent doubts of those who want to start using the bars is exactly how they should be consumed. The answer is simpler than it looks and does not involve food as a substitute or supplement to food. It should be seen as an ally in intermediate meals, like the afternoon snack.

After all, whoever wants to gain muscle mass should not go more than four hours without eating. In this way, muscle catabolism is avoided. Thus, resorting to protein bars in situations that make it impossible to consume a varied meal is a healthy and safe alternative.

For the consumption to be truly beneficial, it is essential that the nutritional table of the product is checked. In this way, it is possible to understand the quantity and choice of ingredients and their importance in the body’s nutrition. Then, just enjoy and enjoy your favorite!



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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