Properties and Business: 6 Tips to Close the Deal

property and business

Anything that you do as a first timer will surely give you a lot of stress and headache. The same goes with investing a property for the first time. You need a lot of considerations, especially that the resources you’re putting in is no joke.

In the same manner, buying your first rental home is a significant investment to look. However, you may reduce the stress overload by making sure that you review every detail of your prospective rental property. Hence, the tips and tricks below will help you close a deal so you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor. 


Researching is the primary step you should consider before investing a rental property for the first time. As a neophyte in the estate industry, you have to do a lot of homework. It’s not something you should take for granted when you are doing business. 

That said, you have to read a lot of investment books, attend seminars that talk about real estate markets, take some courses, and other learning methods that would boost your confidence in making decisions. 

Lastly, your area of residence is the best location where you can get your first rental investment. It is true since you know what’s going on with your area’s economy. Understand what makes people move in and away and who the prime employers are. 

Don’t Rely on Real Estate Agents

It isn’t wrong to work with real estate agents all the time. These people have the best knowledge when it comes to the estate market. Real estate agents usually work with foreclosure houses listed in Multiple Listing Service so the competition should be tight.

On the other hand, it is best that aside from working with real estate agents, it’s best that you do your marketing. You must locate some motivated sellers because you have a higher percentage of making good negotiation deals.

Additionally, working with real estate wholesalers would be an excellent approach. These types of agents are experts when it comes to finding perfect deals which they can quickly flip into rental properties with low-market prices. Make sure to double check their references too. 

Know the Price and the Type of Property

Checking with property managers, calling on ads, talking to landlords like a tenant, and driving around should help you in knowing the price and the type of property you’re investing. You must also understand the challenges when it comes to low vacancy and rental income. 

Moreover, searching for classified ads and checking similar properties you want to invest in will also help you filter what should be the interests of your prospective clients. It won’t even hurt if you explore different property or neighborhood types. 

Acquire the Right Cash Flow and Financing

In this manner, you have to know precisely the total costs of the property you would like to invest. It should include maintenance costs and repair estimation. It is to make sure that you won’t waste a single penny. 

The mortgage is also a significant factor. It should eat the highest outlay of your cash flow.  You may also need to get a firm to handle all of your costs and expenditures. They can help you in estimating everything and assuring that the investment you’re making isn’t a waste of time. 

Lock Equity with Closing Rates

You have to be in control of this aspect. It doesn’t matter if you are working with a broker or a real estate agent, you have to be very specific when it comes to equity. The percentage you will put in should not be below the market value.

Always give them a requirement. A good real estate agent should know what deals they’re going to offer, what the price range when it comes to equity. Hence, they should have enough price deals when it comes to locking the investment. 

Looking the Part

Although it’s superficial for the most part, looking good on deals can be a great way to close a deal. No one would like to work with a person who looks scruff. When it comes to meeting new people, especially if it’s a business-type of meeting, always look your best.

Wearing business-casual wear is a good idea to start. Make sure you accessorize by wearing watches from reputable brands such as IWC. If you have to wear more than one accessory, make sure to not overdo it. 


Generally, the real estate market is a business where competition is tight and divers. Thus, most first-time property investors who would like to dive into the estate market generate a lot of stress and headache. The tips mentioned above can help you make sure that your investments don’t go for bust.

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