Proper Care of Your Flooring – What You Need to Know

Giving your home a good clean is essential for a happy and healthy home. But taking care of your floors – especially when you have different flooring types that require specific maintenance practices is not easy. For instance, if you have stone, hardwood, tile, carpet floors, or a mix of the four, you need a special care regime for each of these types of flooring. This is why we have prepared this article to enlighten you on how best to care for your flooring in your home.

Hardwood Floor 

Hardwood floors add luxury and offer unique touch to any home. But this type of floor requires special care. Unlike tiles that you can mop with water daily, hardwood floors require more than that. First, how often you clean this type of floor depends on the number of people that walk over it, and whether there are pets in the house or not. 

To keep your hardwood floor shiny and flawless, you need to sweep, vacuum, or mop up dry debris weekly. In addition, since dirt and grime will make your hardwood floor look dull, consider deep cleaning every 2 to 4 weeks aswell. Most importantly, as you clean your hardwood floor, avoid using abrasive tools such as hard bristle brushes and scrubbing pads to prevent scratching your floor.


Taking care of a tiled floor is simple, which is good news considering many people have tiled areas in their homes, in places such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchen areas. You can clean your tiled floor weekly. You only need a vacuum or broom and a clean cloth. When cleaning your tiles, start by vacuuming up any dry debris, like dirt, grit, sand, or crumbs. You can then wipe up any spills with a clean cloth. Scrubbing is only necessary when you have old stains and spots. You can also keep your tiles from getting dirty by placing mats or area rugs in high traffic areas. The dirt and grime will stick on these rugs and not harm your tiles. 


Carpets are a popular option when it comes to flooring because of the warmth they provide. But taking care of a carpeted floor is not an easy affair. Carpets quickly get stained, and cleaning them is often not easy. For instance, spilling a drink or can easily stain your carpet. This is why you need to have the right carpet cleaning products to hand when this happens. Have stain removers, vacuum machines, and other carpet cleaning products to ensure you can get rid of tough stains as soon as they happen to prevent permanent damage.

While you can handle most of the day to day cleaning, it is crucial to hire a professional carpet cleaning service (such as maybe once a year to do a more thorough clean, according to The experts have all the tools and experience to deep clean your carpet, leaving it in like new. You will also get professional advice on how to take care of your carpet which can be very useful.


Taking care of your stone floor is similar to caring for a tiled floor. Ensure you clean the floor once or twice a week, depending on traffic. Regular wiping also helps to ensure dirt and grime does not get stuck on your floor. In addition, use area rugs in high traffic areas and take off your shoes before stepping inside the house.

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