Professional Lawn Care Services: 6 Benefits of Hiring an Expert

Nothing can sparkle a home’s aesthetic appeal like a well-manicured lawn. It, therefore, goes without saying that lush green lawns with trimmed edges, healthy tree canopies, and beautiful flower petals all spice up the vibrancy of a home’s exterior.

However, to achieve the desired outdoor appearance, you need to invest adequate time and effort on the lawn daily. In addition, you require in-depth skills incorporating trimming, pest control, and irrigation, among many more.

Professional lawn care services can help you achieve all these, saving extra time to concentrate on routine duties. And what’s more, you can save on costs by hiring an all-in-one company to handle all your lawn care needs.

Discover some essential lawn care services and the benefits of hiring a lawn care expert.

Essential Lawn Care Services

Lawn care service providers specialize in giving your outdoor spaces an impeccable aesthetic appeal. Since they use state-of-the-art equipment and skills mastered over many years, you can never regret hiring a professional company to maintain your lawns.

Common services offered by lawn maintenance providers include;

Lawn Irrigation

A thriving landscape requires adequate water to preserve freshness even during hot summer days. A professional lawn care company will, therefore, help you install an ideal irrigation system for the lawn. 

Sprinkler irrigation systems are the most preferred, owing to their versatility and ability to cover a wide area. Installing a sprinkler system requires accurate positioning and joining of different pipe sections to avoid potential flooding. Moreover, professional lawn care services will help you maintain or upgrade the system, so it performs to its optimal potential.

Pest Control

It is common to spot snails, slugs, beetles, ants, grubs, and other insects on your lawns. Most pests feed on soil nutrients, grass, and leaves and may damage the lawn if left uncontrolled.  Lawn care experts come in handy to help you eliminate such pests so your lawns thrive peacefully.

Lawn Care

Professional lawn care incorporates many activities to achieve the desired lush green appearance.

First is regular lawn mowing, ensuring the turf retains the right size without overgrown blades. Second is the fertilizer application which boosts the nutrient content in the soil, keeping the turf in mint condition. Lawn care also involves weed control to prevent the growth of stubborn weeds that may chock the grass.

Plant Healthcare

Lawn care companies offer comprehensive plant healthcare for lawns incorporating grass, flower beds, and ornamental trees. Plant care services include regular pruning, hedge trimming, fertilization, and insect spraying. In addition, they can suggest suitable flower species to plant, so your lawn looks beautiful as always.

Core Aeration

Core aeration involves pulling out small plugs from the lawn to promote good air circulation within the yard. The practice also softens the soil, allowing the grass roots to grow deeper and stronger. Core aeration is best done towards the end of the summer when outdoor temperatures begin falling.

Benefits of Hiring Expert Lawn Care Services

Are you looking forward to having an attractive outdoor space? Then leave it to the experts.

If you’re hesitant about hiring lawn care services, consider the following benefits:

Have Time to Relax

There’s no doubt that lawn care requires intense labor input. If you’re most engaged in a normal 8-4 work routine, there may be no time to attend to the outdoor landscape.

On the other hand, if you have mobility issues or can’t work with heavy equipment, taking care of the yard may be tedious owing to the huge labor demand.

In both cases, hiring an expert keeps your yard in top shape while freeing you up to relax with family and friends.

Treat Your Yard to Consistent Long-term Care

Expert lawn services guarantee consistent care backed by a regular schedule. You’re, therefore, sure of an all-around watch over the yard, even when you’re away on a business trip or vacation.

In addition, having a consistent team in the yard means they can easily identify potential problems and recommend measures to control them before they get worse.

Enjoy Cost-effective Lawn Care Services

Lawn care services are often costly if you adopt a DIY approach. For instance, you’ll spend money on equipment, hand tools, grass seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, water, and many more. All these eventually add up to hefty expenses in the long run.

A good way to save on costs is to hire a professional team to handle all services, including the equipment required for the task. In addition to saving on the cost of buying equipment, you won’t incur losses in correcting mistakes arising from unprofessionalism.

Prevent Unprofessional Damage

Most DIY procedures on outdoor yards often lead to accidental damage by homeowners. For instance, you may apply excessive water or fertilizer without adequate knowledge, eventually destroying the yard. You may also harm the grass canopy by mowing too low near the ground.

However, lawn care experts will handle every aspect professionally, with little to worry about accidental damage.

Enhance the Curb Appeal

A professionally manicured lawn is a great investment because it makes the outdoor space stand out from the rest. Enhancing your home’s curb appeal also guarantees an increase in the home’s net value.

According to a study by the University of Texas at Arlington, enhancing a home’s aesthetic appeal is likely to increase its resale value by at least 7% of the original price. Thus, homes with well-manicured front and back yards will fetch higher returns on investment than those with poor landscaping.

In addition, one of the key markers of a suitable home is its curb appeal since it gives a good first impression in the eyes of potential buyers. Therefore, if you want to sell the home in the future, its curb appeal will help you sell faster than if the lawns aren’t well maintained.

Obtain Expert Advice

Lawn care experts specialize in their field, besides knowing wide-ranging aspects. Thus, you can always contact them for professional advice if you notice anything out of the norm with your lawn. In addition to professional lawn care, they can also offer beginners tips to help manage your yard in your free time.

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