Practical Tips to Help You Start a Plumbing Business in Phoenix

Starting a plumbing business in Phoenix is a brilliant idea considering the increasing need for plumbing services in the region. More homes are under construction while the older ones are being renovated. 

Actually, if you are considering opening a plumbing franchise in Phoenix, the first thing you need to open a plumbing company in Phoenix is to be a licensed plumber. The state of Arizona requires that you have at least 2 years of experience as a journeyman plumber before you can become licensed.

The second thing you need is to pass the licensing exam. The exam has 80 multiple-choice questions and lasts for 4 hours. You can take it once a week, and you need to pass it within 12 months or else your application will expire and you’ll have to submit another one.

After passing the exam, submit your application for licensure with the state board. Applications are available on their website. The state board will contact your employer (if applicable) or union (if applicable) to verify your experience and can issue fines if they determine that you fraudulently claimed experience or are otherwise not qualified to be licensed.

As soon as all of these requirements are met, you will receive your license from the state of Arizona. With a plumbing business license, you’ll be an official plumber in Phoenix.

What to Consider Before Opening a Plumbing Company in Phoenix

There are a few things you need to consider before opening a plumbing company in Phoenix, Arizona:

  1. Do you have a plumbing license? If not, you can get one by passing an exam after completing four years of apprenticeship.
  2. Do you know the local plumbing codes and regulations? You will need to meet the requirements of each city in which you work.
  3. Do you have basic business skills? It’s not just about plumbing, it’s also about accounting, marketing, hiring, and more.
  4. Are you good at selling? Even with great technical skills and business sense, many businesses fail because they fail to sell enough services or charge too little for them.
  5. Can you handle stress? You’re never quite sure what kind of emergency will come up next (or when), so flexibility is essential for this type of business.

Why Start a Plumbing Franchise in Phoenix?

High demand for plumbing services

Phoenix is one of the hottest cities in the US. In the summer, everyone runs their air conditioner constantly, which puts enormous strain on their plumbing service providers. But this is an advantage to plumbers because they can make great profits.

Low start-up costs

Phoenix has some of the lowest real estate prices in the country, making it easier than ever to open your own business with low overhead expenses.

The booming real estate market

The real estate market in Phoenix is very active. Between June 2020 and June 2021, more than 150 residential homes were sold in Phoenix. This is good news for plumbers because every new home will need maintenance and repairs at some point.

Demand for commercial plumbing services is also high in Phoenix due to the presence of large office buildings and industrial parks. Commercial plumbers always have a business to do here because plumbing problems are common in large buildings and complexes.

Growing population

Phoenix has a growing population of more than 1.6 million people and it continues to expand due to economic growth and new construction projects, says NYTimes. This means that plumbers will never run out of customers or jobs here.

All these factors contribute to improving your chances of success as a plumbing franchise owner in Phoenix, Arizona

How to Become a Plumber?

If you want to be a plumber, you will have to go through an apprenticeship. The length of the apprenticeship varies by state and by the type of plumbing you do (commercial or residential). Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you must take a licensing exam. Once licensed, you will have to pay for continuing education.

There are two types of plumbers-those who perform work in residential homes and those who perform work in commercial buildings. If you want to be a residential plumber, your first step is to find a plumbing company that is willing to hire an apprentice. 

Once hired as an apprentice, you will typically start out doing simple tasks such as cleaning up job sites or delivering materials. Over time, you will be expected to learn basic skills such as soldering copper pipes or cutting pipes with a tubing cutter. You will also learn how to install fixtures such as sinks or toilets and how to make repairs to fixtures such as faucets or toilets.

After several years as an apprentice, most plumbers move on to become journeyman plumbers. To become a journeyman plumber, one must pass a series of exams through the state or local jurisdiction. Upon successful completion of these exams, journeyman plumbers can start their own plumbing businesses. 

How to Run a Plumbing Business Successfully

Study your competitors

Like any business, a plumbing company must have a plan. But unlike most businesses, the plumbing industry has a little secret that can help you tremendously.

The secret is this: Look at your competitors’ ads and websites. See what they are saying and offering. Then strive to offer better services than them.

Start by going to Google and searching for “plumber,” followed by your city or town. You’ll probably see ads for several companies pop up. Click on each of them and study everything on the site: services offered, areas served, emergency service, guarantees, etc. Then go back to the search results page and click on the organic listings (i.e., on the web pages that appear because of their relevance to your search terms). Spend some time checking out each company’s website and again note everything it contains.

Start a plumbing business website

Start a plumbing business website to increase your success rate. The website will be the best place to showcase your work and show potential clients how trustworthy you are. You can also use the website as a medium to start a blog or share information about your plumbing services.

By starting a blog, you will get people’s attention and build trust with them. This is especially important if you are just starting out in the business. If you have been in business for some time but have not seen any results then it would be better for you to start blogging about your experience and expertise in plumbing.

Check your competitors’ websites as well. You’re not looking for anything specific. Rather, you want to get a feel for what your competition is doing in general. What services do they offer? How many years have they been in business? Do they have testimonials? What’s their approach to selling? Do they have special offers?

With all this information in hand, you can put together a website that addresses potential customers’ concerns while avoiding what everyone else is doing.

Bottom Line

Starting a plumbing business doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. In fact, it can actually save you money in the long run if you go with a professional company that offers affordable rates.

If you want to start a plumbing business but don’t know where to begin then consider hiring an expert who can guide you through all the steps necessary in starting your own successful plumbing business.

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