Practical EMF Protection for Health and Well-being Today

Many of us know that we need to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of radiation. We use mobile phones, microwave ovens and other appliances, and expose our children to television screens, without worrying too much about protecting our health.

But as more countries around the world start to use wireless devices, there is evidence that this radiation may be harmful, and we need to take more seriously the question of how to protect ourselves.

Some people want to solve their health problems by avoiding technology altogether. This is an understandable reaction when you find out something has made you sick or can harm you.

But avoiding technology is not the answer. We need to embrace this new world and learn how to live in it without suffering the harm that others are suffering around us.

This is why companies like Atmosure have especially developed products for EMF Protection in a technology-driven world.

There are also quite a few things you can do to start protecting yourself and your family from EMFs right away:

1. Replace cordless phones with corded ones. Try not to use cordless phones as they emit high levels of EMF. Keep all wireless devices away from your body, especially when you sleep. Do not put your cell phone in your pocket, especially near reproductive organs when your phone is on and connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Keep your laptop off your lap and other places where it would be close to a Wi-Fi router. When you’re not using a Wi-Fi enabled device, turn it off.

2. Protect your children! The introduction of Wi-Fi wireless internet connections in many areas has made it necessary for people to have a basic understanding of the potential dangers so they can take simple steps to protect themselves and their children.

Take care with the use of laptops and video games, which expose a child’s body to microwaves that would otherwise be blocked if they sat in front of a television or computer monitor. Wireless internet access is becoming increasingly available and necessary for school and work. Parents should insist their children have wired access to the internet at home and use a wired connection for school or work, if possible. If you do opt for wireless, ensure there is no cordless phone in your child’s bedroom that could expose them to microwaves as they sleep.

3. Stay away from wireless when possible. EMF exposure levels are highest where wireless technology is used the most. This includes urban, suburban and even rural areas where wireless internet and cell phone usage is high. Wireless exposure levels are particularly high where Wi-Fi transmitters (such as in schools or libraries) operate continuously and at busy locations such as along the sidewalk on a crowded street.

EMF exposure can also be mitigated by using wired ethernet connections instead of wireless connections when you connect your computer to the internet. You also should never stand in front of a microwave oven while it’s operating.

We hope these practical tips help you to protect yourself and your loved ones from EMFs in your day-to-day life.

Atmosure was founded with a mission to re-establish comfort and security in your daily environment. Feel protected & healthy by being EMF-free in a technology-driven world!

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