PowerPoint is Here to Stay & Here’s Why


As the demand for quality slide decks increases in the workplace, PowerPoint remains the go-to presentation design software for businesses.

Since PowerPoint’s inception on April 20th of 1987, billions have used the software to create presentations to share in classrooms, board rooms, auditoriums and more. But how has this software maintained its relevance and loyal following?

Over the years, Microsoft has kept up with trends and integrated modern technology to solidify PowerPoint’s role in presentation culture. The program continues to be used by teachers, keynote speakers, startups and established businesses alike.

The reality is, PowerPoint isn’t going anywhere. Learn how and why the program continues to maintain its relevance.

It’s Constantly Evolving & Specialists Are Keeping Track

Microsoft is always evolving and advancing PowerPoint with new tools and features. While this increases the program’s capabilities and proficiency, it can be hard for the average user to keep track of these functions.

It’s for this reason that businesses enlist the help of professional PowerPoint designers; to save time and streamline their presentation efforts. Invest in a professional presentation design service by Stinson Design so that your business can make the most of the platform and get quality, unique slide decks created for meetings, pitches and speeches of all kinds.

As PowerPoint continues to evolve with the integration of technologically advanced features like Presentation Coach (among other new AI features), professional designers are constantly educating themselves on the software’s features and how to integrate them into slide decks.

Professional presentation designers make it possible for businesses to benefit from these advanced features without actually having to invest the time and resources to understand these tools and how to best apply them.

You Have Control

The PowerPoint platform provides its user with full control and makes it so that anything and everything is possible when designing (and presenting) a slide deck.

When creating a slide deck, users don’t only have control over design elements – they have control over how the actual presentation is delivered. Users can control their presentation from their phones to adjust pacing and transition more seamlessly between slides.

That said, if you struggle with pacing your slide deck and creating cohesive slides, a PowerPoint design agency can provide you with copywriting and storyboarding services to help you create a presentation that’s easy to follow.

It’s Collaborative

PowerPoint is a collaborative program. Users can send presentation files to one another to make changes and add notes to create a cohesive slide deck. It’s also worth mentioning the program’s newer feature that actually makes it possible to share and co-author a presentation in PowerPoint on Mac.

The collaborative nature of the program makes it ideal for teams that work together to put together slide decks presenting data and other key pieces of information.

It Serves Many Purposes

According to Wired, Microsoft claims that the PowerPoint has been downloaded over 1 billion times.

The reality is that the software can be used in a wide variety of scenarios. Whether you are delivering a keynote speech, reporting on monthly data or pitching your business, you can use the program to create a slide deck for your presentation.

The tool provides limitless options, which encourages businesses and individuals to repeatedly turn to the decade-old platform that remains relevant thanks to its integration of modern technology.

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