Photography 101: Why You Need a Camera Stabilizer Gimbal

Why You Need a Camera Stabilizer Gimbal

If you want to create professional video footage, or if you are simply an inspiring cinematographer that wants to practice his skills, you most likely considered using a camera stabilizer gimbal. And if you hadn’t already, you should know that this tool is key to achieving the best video shoot. Read on to discover what is a gimbal and which one you should try today.

What is a Camera Stabilizer Gimbal?

A gimbal represents pivoting support that permits you to rotate an object along a single axis. A standard three-axis gimbal allows the camera to be independent of the movement of the person holding the device. These axes are the pitch, yaw, and roll.

The pitch or tilt stands for the up and down movement of a subject. As an example, it helps capture items falling down, or a subject coming down the stairs.

The yaw or pan defined the left to right movement, and it is excellent for capturing items moving horizontally. 

The roll or dutch angle lets you capture items with off-center or unlevelled corners. 

Why Do You Need a Handheld Camera Stabilizer?

There are many motives why you should opt for using a gimbal. First of all, it is great for creating qualitative and professional video footage. But at the same time, it is more than that. When filming moving subjects, both stability and range of motion are essential for the shot. And the three-axis of gimbals support this endeavor and provide the camera with stable motion no matter of the movement you’re performing. 

For an aspiring or professional videographer, a gimbal is an essential piece of gear. It is lightweight when compared with other types of picture stabilizers. And it can offer impressive results, as it allows you to capture all sorts of scenarios without the fear that your movement will alter the outcome.

Which DSLR Camera Gimbal Should I Purchase?

Of course, when it comes to choosing a gimbal for your cinematic project, it can turn out to be quite challenging to identify the best one. And this happens because of the vast array of devices and accessories available on the market.

Still, we recommend you consider the gimbal available at Zhiyun, the WEEBILL-S. This company is one of the leading tech businesses that focus solely on pro stabilization systems and innovative solutions for videographers. Besides their vast experience in this field, all their products are designed with qualitative and durable materials, which allow prolonged usage of the products.

The WEEBILL-S stands out in their catalog of products, as being one of the latest releases, which is both professional and user-friendly. It is great for a mirrorless and DSLR camera. But what we love the most about this handheld camera stabilizer gimbal is that it comes with one of the newest algorithms on the market. It stands out due to stabilization, and a strong motor that improves the quality of your footage. Also, you will benefit from an exquisite ViaTouch 2.0 system and several exciting features like ultra-low-latency HD image.

And if you are not convinced about this professional gimbal, here are its main characteristics of this camera stabilizer gimbal:

  • Top-notch motor torque, lightweight design, and user-friendly controls;
  • Exquisite image transmission module, as it features a brand new compact TransMount image that can be positioned easily under the quick release plate;
  • ViaTouch 2.0 available, which is great for viewing, controlling, or recording footage. Also, it allows simple adjustments of the camera parameters and exact object tracking;
  • Full-range, Vortex, Go and PF modes available;
  • Allows both electronic and mechanical focus or zoom via a useful control wheel located on the handle;
  • Modular design, which permits you to link up to three devices to the stabilizer.

If camera stabilizer gimbal is not on your radar yet, don’t hesitate to get one! Capture your life anytime and anywhere with this powerful gadget!

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