Personal Information at Risk – What Can Be Done?

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The advancement in technology and the dependence on the internet have put the personal information of users at risk. Companies collect user data to offer improved services and products to their consumers. But the same data can be used against users when companies start prioritising their profit over users’ safety.

Advertising companies track your online activities and collect your personal information using different techniques to show you ads of the products you are interested in. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), responsible for giving advice on data privacy and promoting good practices in handling data, stated that user data is not protected the way it should be protected. Companies should use advanced technologies to protect personal information.

If you are an internet user, advertisers may use the following methods to steal your personal data.

  • When you visit a mainstream website, your system may experience malware attacks that cannot be prevented. The complexity of these attacks makes it difficult to identify their source.
  • Advertising companies use different ways to prevent being caught for malware attacks. Instead of delivering ads from their own websites, they use different layers of intermediaries to show ads on their sites. Often owners of websites are oblivious to the fact that advertisers will display certain ads on their websites.
  • Visitors of a mainstream website can get exposed to many potentially dangerous third parties. These unknown third parties may collect users’ personal data without their permission or act as a potential source of malware.
  • While using a gaming app, a news app, or any other app, we often get exposed to in-app ads that apparently look harmless, but actually collect users’ information without letting them know. App developers and ad networks use these ads to collect information, such as your gender, age, location, marital status, and political views.
  • Canvas fingerprinting is used to check which websites you visit, or how many times you visit a particular site. This technique creates your phone’s fingerprint when you open a website from your device. This fingerprint is unique and different from the fingerprints of any other device. So, when you visit the site again, it detects your presence, and can tell how many times you have visited the site before.

Ayozat is Helping Improve the Advertising and Tech Sectors

Ayozat is a well-known media and tech company that is currently focusing on solving these issues. With its years of experience and knowledge, it is now planning to offer its services related to AI, cryptocurrencies, and security to the wider market.

Ayozat are currently creating a product that will make the advertising and tech sector safer for users. Ayozat is currently working on a product that is expected to make the $350 billion advertising industry safer with the help of this blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are also based on the same technology. Ayozat is already working on blockchain, and trying to use it in different processes to develop better user safety solutions to counteract the common methods advertisers use to harvest users’ personal information. They are certainly a company to keep an eye on!

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