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For serious poker players, nothing beats travelling around the world doing what they love best. However, knowing where to go for the best competition and winnings is a skill learnt from time on the road…or in the air.

The origins of the game go back to the 19th century in the United States where each player had five cards with which to cast his luck. Poker actually didn’t experience a huge amount of interest until the beginning of the 21st century which turned the game into a spectator sport. Suddenly, huge poker events could be broadcast on television for the world to see from the comfort of their living rooms and so, due to accessibility, interest grew. Poker pros suddenly became famous and across the world, everyone fancied their luck to compete because by the looks of things that’s all they needed, luck.

These days, poker travel takes enthusiasts to many locations across the globe, with the game gathering quite a following in some of the most luxurious holiday destinations. Why is this? Because poker is so much more than a game, it’s the whole experience and lifestyle that comes with it.

Some of the most famous must-see locales include…

Las Vegas, USA

Predictably renowned as one of the largest poker destinations in the world, Las Vegas has more than thirty-two casinos alone! Making a decision as to which ones to visit or in which order may be the trickiest part of the trip.

Open (almost) all hours, offering excellent catering and entertainment options and hosting some of the most well-known poker events from around the world, such as The World Poker Tour, this location has cemented its place as number one on the poker enthusiast’s hit list.

Paradise Island, New Province, Bahamas

Paradise Island, Bahamas

A renowned holiday destination for the rich and famous due to bright white beaches and attractions such as swimming with pigs, Paradise Island is also home to Atlantis Casino, which is one of the most spectacular places to play in the world.

Not content with offering just one poker game, Atlantis Casino gives players the choice of a whole host of different poker games. And when the pressure gets too much, guests are invited to make the most of the water parks available, as well as the amazing beaches.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Aerial View of City Buildings in Monaco

A destination for the true thrill seeker (and no, we’re not talking about F1), Monte Carlo makes a name for itself on the poker scene by proudly hosting the annual European Grand Finale. Although this event may sound extremely high brow, it actually offers many low and high budget tables to make the competition more accessible, drawing in the expert and amateur crowds of eager poker players.

Aside from the poker, Monaco is a premium holiday destination, best known for its hordes of  large yachts and stunning beaches.

Macau, China

Oriental Pearl Tower Photo

Since bursting onto the poker scene, Macau has cemented its reputation as a place to go for gambling and glitz. Luxury entertainment here takes a lot of beating but in addition to this, the ancient culture that shrouds Macau is spellbinding. The perfect marriage of old traditions and new glamour.   

Specific casinos which have been recommended by poker connoisseurs include the Babylon. 

Los Angeles, USA

For the bucket list and quite a site to behold is the earths biggest poker casino, the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. Offering over 200 card tables, this giant amongst casinos is an experience all poker enthusiasts will remember.

And whilst visiting, why not make the most of all LA has to offer, the Hollywood sign, celebrity spotting and the world famous Walk of Fame.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

The Crown Casino in Melbourne offers a unique service of lessons for those wanting to upskill. Especially good for those budding poker players, looking to get ahead of the game.

But there’s more that Melbourne has to offer. Whilst taking a break from the casino, why not take a trip down the world famous Yarra River and enjoy all the achingly luxurious plazas, restaurants and bars available.

Poker is an artform, a vocation that takes its players to some of the most luxurious destinations across the globe in search for that winning feeling. In fact, many poker enthusiasts plan whole vacations around some of the largest poker games and tournaments taking place.

They say it’s all about luck, but we say it’s all about the journey and making the overall experience as memorable as possible for all the right reasons.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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