PDFelement for Mac: Intelligent and Complete Solution for Processing PDF Documents

There are some tools for PDF editing on Mac, but perhaps one as complete as PDFelement for Mac will be difficult to find. With it you can create files with a wide range of file formats, edit quickly including scans, and even convert to other types of files such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint just on your Mac. One of PDFelement’s great differentials compared to its competitors is to offer a more intuitive interface, which will be easy to use even for those who have a basic knowledge about editing files.

Editing is not just about text, but changing tables and graphs is also quite simple. It recognizes all the fonts and formats present in the original file so that the edition is as professional as possible.

Getting to know PDFelement

Are you curious to know PDFelement? You can download the trial version and see what the app has to offer before you decide to buy it. It’s also available for iPhone. You can easily get PDFelement for iOS. Just download the app from iOS App Store.

Creating PDFs

When you open the app for the first time you will come across a very simple screen. In the center is a large block that shows the last files you worked on. In small blocks on the right side we have shortcuts for the functions of creation, editing, conversion, batch processing, and even combining several files or following predefined templates.

At the top of the window are the tabs that organize the resources, which resembles Word a lot. Anyone who is used to the Microsoft office suite will not get lost here. In the second list we have the arrow, hand and write options. There are also shortcuts to open a file from your document folder, scan a new one, or combine several into one.

To create a PDF is very simple. Select the PDF Creation option on the home screen. A pop-up window will appear for you to choose a base file. It can be one of Word, for example. Once this is done, it will convert the document to an editable PDF.

From here you can insert new information into the document. Just select the Text Editor option (which is next to the hand icon at the top). The program recognizes the entire textual part of the document and creates an edit box around each group.

On the right side, the properties tab opens, where you can edit the font type, size, alignment, spacing, etc. At the top we have shortcuts to include links embedded in the text, add images, resize elements, color the background, include a watermark and so on.

It’s very simple to create a document from scratch or convert one that you’ve started with Office. The formatting is completely maintained, unlike other PDF editors on the market that are not always compatible with all fonts and formats, which will end up leaving the document full of errors.

Editing PDF files

The most powerful part of PDFelement is its editing part. You can open a ready-made PDF file in it and edit just about everything, from the textual part to the graphic elements like images. And here we have gathered tips for editing PDF files in an easy way. The most interesting thing is that you can do this with one more file at the same time. Being able to join several in one and organize the pages as you wish.

See the main editing tools of PDFelement:

– Fill and Sign: Fill out PDF forms and add digital or handwritten signatures

– Convert Forms: Make any non-fillable form, made in Word or Excel, into a fillable and editable form

– Create Forms Quickly: Drag and drop to create PDF or web forms in minutes

– Extract Data from Form: Distribute and collect data efficiently from editable forms and go for analysis in Excel

– Form Templates: Choose one of the many professional form templates for improved results

– Certificates: Add certificates to help recipients validate the document’s authenticity

– Protect: Apply password permissions to restrict printing, copying or changing

– Compose: Hide sensitive information permanently, including specific text and illustrations

– PDF standards: Comply with all ISO standards by creating PDFs / documents to archive

Keeping your files safe

Worried about the security of your PDF documents? When selecting the security tab at the top, you can enter a password in your files by selecting the lock icon. A window will open with some options. The main one is to ask for a pre-defined password whenever the file is opened. You can also prevent improper printing or even limit the quality when printing. It is also possible to prevent editing or release only partial editing, such as allowing you to sign the document, edit only text or insert images without modifying the formatting.

Convert PDF to other formats

Do you want to convert a PDF file to other formats? In addition to traditional support for the Microsoft office suite, you can also switch your document to a common text format (TXT or RTF). HTML standard and even .epub are commonly supported in ebook readers. It is also possible to convert to the image format. In this case, each page of the document will be converted to a separate file, which can be in JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF or BMP formats. The final quality is very good and you will not lose any details of your document during the conversion.

All of this is done in a very simple way. From the application’s home screen, simply select PDF Conversion. A window will open for you to choose the file to be converted. Then in the bottom box just choose the format and save. That simple.

When compared to similar applications, PDFelement for Mac is very affordable. Not only that, you can also get PDFelement Exclusive Price. 

Interested? Get PDFelement for Mac from Mac App Store and give it a try!  



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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