Parcel Box Recommendations

Parcel boxes come in different shapes and styles that ensure your deliveries stay safe while you are out, and they are rising in popularity according to LinkedIn. Some can be wall-mounted, and others are free-standing. If you are looking for a stylish and secure parcel box, here are four parcel boxes from to consider.

External Wall Mounted Parcel Box

If you are looking for a modern-looking wall mounted parcel box that has separate compartments for letters and parcels, this External Wall Mounted Box is the perfect choice. Each compartment has a separate lock to provide extra security.

The parcel box itself is thermal powder coated, and has a smooth finish, making it able to withstand changing weather conditions and rusting. There is a front face that provides access to mail.


  • Different slots for letters and parcels
  • Made from galvanised steel
  • Resistant to rust and the elements
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Available in black and dark grey colours

Allux 650 Parcel Delivery Box

The Allux 650 Parcel Delivery Box is a good choice for both indoor and outdoor parcel box needs. It can accommodate a parcel of up to 15.5 cm x 32 cm x 29 cm in size.

There is a top and a front opening, so you can use the opening that you find most convenient. There is an in-built Eurolock located on the front door. You can also replace it with a Ruko lock if you want more security. The product also comes with a 2-year EU legal guarantee.


  • Has two openings (front and top)
  • The front opening has a Eurolock cylinder lock
  • Manufactured from galvanised steel
  • Comes with a 12-year guarantee against rusting and corrosion

Allux Grundform Free Standing Parcel Box

The Allux Grundform Free Standing Parcel Box is a stylish-looking parcel box with an overhang that protects the box against snow and rain. It has a large front door, so you can easily retrieve your parcels up to 13.5 cm x 29 cm x 360 cm in size.

An ultra-strong Ruko lock on the front door ensures your parcels stay secured. There is an interchangeable front plate and pre-drilled holes at the bottom to mount the parcel box to the floor.


  • Lockable front opening
  • The retrieval door has a Ruko cylinder lock
  • Made from powder-coated galvanised steel
  • Comes with 12-year corrosion and rust guarantee

Allux Bjørn Free Standing Parcel Box

The Allux Bjørn Free Standing Parcel Box has an elegant design and a sensor-controlled LED light that helps in retrieving parcels easily when it’s dark outside. It has a sloping top that allows rainwater and snow to fall from the surface.

It has a large front door and a top opening. There are pre-drilled holes to fix the parcel box to a hard surface. Allux Bjørn provides a 2-year EU legal guarantee. It is large enough to accommodate parcels up to 15.5 x 35 x 30cm.


  • Has an automatic LED light to improve visibility
  • Manufactured of traditional galvanised steel
  • Coated with powder to add an extra layer of protection
  • Has a powerful Ruko cylinder lock
  • Has a 12-year guarantee against rusting

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