Importance of Customer Feedback Surveys in Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Brand Recognition


Long gone are the days when only the product itself was just the major factor for enhanced sales and brand recognition. Enter 21st century where customer …


Why Recoverit is The Ultimate Data Recovery Solution


If you need to recover deleted files from your smartphone or computer, look no further. Recoverit is your best solution. Without specialist tools, it is going …

Food & Drink

The Pour Over Coffee Method


I remember those days when I spent so much money on having a decent cup of coffee at the café nearby. This was before I discovered …

Internet Marketing

The 10% Rule for Marketing Spend


Some brands go all out with the marketing budgets. And while it’s perfectly understandable for big names with nearly unlimited resources to do this, small businesses …


The 7 Must-Have Travel Apps for Your Next Vacation


There are some things most travelers don’t leave home without; earphones, toothbrush, phone charger, passport and obviously their phones. While those items might sound extremely important …


Actress Inbal Amirav on Working With Shemar Moore, “He has excellent work ethic, and it’s really inspiring.”


In her interview with Thrive Global, actress Inbal Amirav talked about her experience working on SWAT (CBS). She said “It was great to work alongside Shemar …


Heat Recovery and Chimney Draught Control in Modern Industrial Production


Chimney draught control Many industrial furnaces, boilers or ovens operate between 370oC – 540oC and heat energy is the most important resource for the process, according …


Tailgating The Green Bay Packers Fan’s Way


Do you love tailgating? You are not alone. Thousands and thousands of people tailgate every year and normally multiple times per year. In this article, we …

Home Improvement

How to Keep Up With House Cleaning


Have you been thinking your home could use a good cleaning? Perhaps you cleaned it last week (or even yesterday) and it suddenly feels dirty again. …


Choosing The Best Dentist In Your City


No matter where you live, there is likely at least one dentist available. When you live in New York City as I do, there are always …

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