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Since ancient times, people have been decorating their homes with images. Hand painted paintings are ordered from artists, purchased at exhibitions, in interior design stores. However, you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy artworks of famous masters, you can just go to a webshop like Artello.nl. Even if you wouldn`t become the next Picasso & don`t have enough creativity and artistic taste, leave all doubts behind. You can easily decorate your interior with your own hands. A little inspiration, patience, the right material and a real masterpiece that reflects your personality and mood is ready.

What Could Be Better Than Good Old Paint?

The classic way to create painting for the interior with your own hands is to draw it with “classic” paint. But how to draw if you don’t have any experience? It’s okay, at present the Internet is full of master classes for beginners who step by step schedule actions and steps. You can start by drawing simple flowers with watercolor. There are also pre-made paintings by numbers that you just need to paint correctly. The principle is similar to coloring, where each number has its own color.

How to Choose Paint?

All you need to create a painting is canvas, paint and good inspiration. Depending on the complexity of the idea, the quality and type of paper and paint may differ. Only the level of inspiration remains unchanged.

The main types of paints are:

– Oil. One of the first coloring compositions, which was used for painting back in the 16th century, is considered to be oil paint. The paint is available in separate tubes. To work with oil paint, you will need a palette, quality brushes, canvas, easel and solvent. Draw with this composition on cardboard, canvas, wood, plain or primed paper. Thanks to the dense texture and vibrant colors, you can create a realistic image of a landscape or person.

– Watercolor. From the name “watercolor” it can be understood that the paint contains water. Such material is intended for drawing exclusively on paper. Professional artists use watercolor for painting still lifes, portraits and landscapes, which is produced in tubes or cuvettes. When working with watercolors, an easel should be used. The watery structure of the material is absorbed into the paper and may warp.

– Gouache. These paints are quite dense in composition, have rich colors. After they are completely dry, a matte finish is formed on the surface. For experienced artists, painting with gouache is not difficult. With its help, you can remove the flaws that have been made, cover the light paint with a dark color, and creating new shades will require professional skills and imagination.

– Acrylic paints – one of the new types of paints, popular among professional artists. The material is used for painting on glass, ceramics, paper, fabric, metal and wood. These paints have a vibrant color scheme. After application to the surface, they form a non-tarnishing, resistant coating that is not washed off with water. Acrylic paints are produced in tubes. Before application, dilute with water or a special solvent. The consistency can be thick or liquid.

Choosing the Right Canvas

You will need canvas if you decide to try painting with oil or acrylic. Canvases can be on a stretcher, on cardboard and in a roll (when you need to pull on a stretcher yourself). The material of the canvas is also different – linen, cotton, synthetic fiber, burlap. Also, the canvas can be primed or not, an unprimed canvas is not suitable for work.

The choice of canvas is related to the size of the painting and its further use. For beginners, it is best to take ready (on a stretcher or glued onto cardboard) canvases, because it is difficult to correctly stretch or stick the canvas for the first time, it still needs to be additionally primed, assembled under it a stretcher or find the right cardboard, and the first experience may not always be successful.

There is nothing better for making your home cozy than pictures drawn with your own hands, because you have put your love and warmth into them. Do not be afraid to experiment and then you will create a unique picture that will decorate your interior and breathe a part of your soul into your apartment or house. If you really can’t paint than you can always go to a webshop like Artello.



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