One Sitting Degree

Welcome to the degree programs that you can study in a year. You can complete a BA, B.Com, BCA, BBM, BSC, BSW, B.Tech, BBA, MBA, MCA, M.Tech, M.Phil, PhD and more educational qualifications in a single sitting. All the single sitting courses are UGC, DEC, AICTE, MHRD, BAR Council, Pharmacy Council, NCTE accepted universities and institutions. Your location does not matter in learning one sitting program as we are available in Kerala,delhi,maharashtra.

Who is Behind One Single Sitting Degree | One Sitting Degree | Single Sitting Degree

Gap years in studies do not prevent you from acquiring your favourite educational qualifications in life. One sitting courses enable you to attain a degree in a quick time.

Now it is easy to pursue a single sitting course by way of online, classroom and distance learning mode. Nothing can prevent you from acquiring sufficient education in life and make use of your potential for development.

Now you can apply for single sitting BSC degree IGNOU or any degree of your preference, including in locations such as Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and more.

Popular One Single Sitting Courses

Decide on learning a one sitting degree today, and it can put in the track for a prosperous life. Students from all corners of our country demand one sitting courses, and thus the fees for these courses have come down considerably. Call us for new fees structure and admission details.

Eligibility Criteria of One Single Sitting Degree | Degree in One Sitting

Every student who has gap years in their education are eligible to apply for a one sitting courses. Go through the following eligibility criteria to know whether you are eligible for these quick degree programs.

  • The students who have discontinued their college studies at any year are eligible for one sitting degree programs.
  • The students after their tenth and twelfth studies have gap years are eligible for one sitting degree programs. The students must submit proof supporting it.
  • Those students have completed their last exams from an accredited college or university is eligible for single sitting degree programs.
  • Eligible students can accept distance or classroom mode of one sitting degree.
  • All the eligible students can take up one sitting courses through lateral entry system or by way of credit transfer. All other students can take up one sitting degree programs and complete them in a year.

All the students matching any of the above criteria can visit our website or call us for more information. Fix an appointment with us and one of our counsellors will provide you with all the details about the courses and help you take admission in the course you prefer to study.

The Need for Degree in One Single Sitting | Degree in One Sitting

We know the advantages of acquiring higher education in life. Learning a one sitting degree is the best way to acquire the necessary higher education for everyone. One sitting courses help you attain suitable jobs, timely promotions, higher salaries and a prosperous career. It is a gateway to a satisfying life ahead.

Following are some of the prime benefits of a single sitting degree in an individual’s life.

  • The gap years do not prevent you from attaining sufficient education in life.
  • The necessity of a degree in life is fulfilled through single sitting degree programs.
  • Diploma holders also can take admissions to one sitting degree programs through lateral entry system.
  • Employed individuals also can pursue one sitting courses. Employment, family commitment or any other reasons will not deter you from learning one sitting courses.

The Benefits of a Single Sitting Degree Examination | One Sitting Degree

One sitting degree programs are beneficial for students from all backgrounds. Find below some of the advantages of these programs.

  • One sitting exams help students to secure quality education in life through approved and accredited educational programs. Hence, the educational journey of students is intact.
  • It is an easy way of acquiring a degree because both online and distance mode of one sitting programs are available for students to select.
  • Employed or people with other commitment also can write one sitting examinations because there are no regular classes. Students can attend classes as per their schedule.
  • Let you be in any location, you can learn one sitting programs. The place is not a barrier to this type of education.
  • The students of single sitting programs are not required to travel daily. Hence, they can save money for future studies
  • One sitting degrees help everyone to attain the required qualification in life. Higher qualifications will boost your personal and professional confidence.
  • The one sitting degree programs are UGC and MHRD accepted and approved, hence there is no difficulty in attaining jobs in any industries after the study.
  • Fees for one sitting BCA, one sitting MCA, one sitting MBA, one sitting B.Tech are very less. Hence, everyone can study it at any point in our life.
  • It is an embassy approved educational program, therefore there will not be any difficulty for attestations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you explain the term one sitting degree ?

Ans. Yes, one sitting degree is a one-year degree program by which students can complete by writing all exams in a single sitting. Students receive a degree after the exams.

Q. Who is eligible for a one sitting course ?

Ans. The students from all locations are eligible for one sitting degree provided that they have 3 years of gap in their studies.

Q. What is Under Graduation in one year?

Ans. Under Graduation in one-year means a regular degree in one year. Exams of all three years are written in a single year.

Q. Is a single sitting program valid in India?

Ans. Yes, a single sitting program of study is valid in India.

Q. Is there credit transfer in a single sitting degree program?

Ans. Yes, in a single sitting degree program, students can take admissions using credit transfer system. They can carry the credits they have earned and continue their studies.

Q. What do you mean by a break in studies?

Ans. A break in study refers to a gap in studies after your tenth or Higher Secondary Studies.

Q. What are the documents required to take admissions to a single sitting degree program?

Ans. 1. Tenth and twelfth Mark sheets and certificates

2. Break-in study proof

3. Address proof

4. Passport size photo

Q. Can the diploma holders get lateral entry opportunity in a single sitting degree course?

Ans. Yes, diploma holders receive lateral entry opportunity to earn admission to a single sitting degree course.

Q. Will I get the degree certificate after the one sitting examination?

Ans. Yes, all students after the course completion will receive UGC and MHRD accepted degree certificates and mark sheets. Hence, students can get a suitable job as soon as they receive the certificates.

Q. Can I use one sitting examination certificates to attain government jobs?

Ans. Yes, you can use a one sitting examination certificate to attain a government job. One sitting degree certificates are from UGC and MHRD universities.

Q. Am I eligible for promotions in my profession after attaining a one sitting degree?

Ans. Yes, you are eligible for promotions in your profession after attaining a one sitting degree. The single sitting examination provides you with a world of opportunities. Enrol your name today to progress in life at a faster pace.

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