Once Upon a Book Club: A New Way to Experience Books

If you’re looking for a new and unique way to experience books, look no further than Once Upon a Book Club. In this book club, members read along with the author as they post new chapters of their work online. This allows readers to get a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process, and also connect with other fans of the book.

Once Upon a Book Club is a great way to enjoy your favorite novels in a whole new way. You’ll be able to discuss the book with other members of the club, and get insights into the author’s process that you wouldn’t get from reading alone. Plus, you’ll be part of a supportive community of book lovers who are all excited about experiencing stories together.

Ready to get started? Join the discussion on Once Upon a Book Club’s website, choose your book, and enjoy the experience!

What is Once Upon a Book Club.

How it works

Once Upon a Book Club is a new way to experience books! Here’s how it works:

Every month, subscribers receive a beautifully wrapped book along with 4-6 unique gifts that are revealed as you read. The gifts are related to the story and help bring the book to life.

What you need

All you need to get started is a love of reading! Once Upon a Book Club is perfect for anyone who loves surprises, wants to add some fun to their reading routine, or simply wants to try something new.

Why read with Once Upon a Book Club.

The experience

Reading with Once Upon a Book Club is unlike any other reading experience. With each book, you receive a care package filled with goodies related to the book. As you read, you use the included bookmark to keep track of which page you’re on. When you reach the end of a section, you open the corresponding numbered envelope and find out what’s inside. It might be something as simple as a quote from the book or it could be something that helps further your understanding of the story. Either way, it’s a fun way to interact with the book as you’re reading it!

The discussion

Once Upon a Book Club isn’t just about receiving cool things in the mail (although that is a huge perk!). We also have an amazing online community where members can discuss the book they’re reading, ask questions, and make new friends who share their love of reading. Our moderators lead weekly discussions and there are always plenty of people around to chat about books!

The community

In addition to our online community, Once Upon a Book Club members also have access to exclusive content like author interviews, behind-the-scenes looks at how we put together care packages, and much more. We also host monthly live chats with authors so that members can get their questions answered directly!

Ready to get started.

Join the discussion

The discussion is one of the most important aspects of Once Upon a Book Club. It allows members to connect with each other over their shared love of reading. By joining the discussion, you’ll be able to ask questions, share your thoughts on the book, and get to know other members of the club.

To join the discussion, simply log in to the Once Upon a Book Club website and head to the forum page. From there, you can create a new topic or reply to an existing one. Be sure to introduce yourself in the forums so that other members can get to know you!

Choose your book

Choosing a book is easy with Once Upon a Book Club! Simply head to our website and browse through our selection of featured books. When you find one that interests you, simply add it to your cart and checkout. Once your purchase is complete, the book will be shipped directly to your door.

You can also choose from our selection of digital books if you prefer to read electronically. Simply download the book to your computer or e-reader and start reading right away!

Enjoy the experience

Once you’ve joined the discussion and chosen your book, it’s time to start reading! Sit back, relax, and enjoy experiencing the story in a whole new way. We’re sure you’ll love Once Upon a Book Club just as much as we do!


If you’re looking for a new and unique way to experience books, Once Upon a Book Club is definitely worth checking out. With this club, you’ll get to enjoy the book as you read it, discuss it with others who are reading along with you, and be a part of an online community of book-lovers. So if you’re ready to jump into something new, grab a book and join in on the fun!

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