Notable Features of iOS 13 Beta

Notable Features of iOS 13 Beta

iOS 13 beta is here and available to try for those who’d like to get a taste of what’s to come in the final build that’s likely to be released this September.

Keep in mind that iOS 13 will require the following hardware- iPhone SE, new iPad Mini 4, the iPad Air 2 and later and the iPhone 6S and later. You can follow the guide on how to download and install iOS 13 Beta on iLounge ( for your device.

Here are some of the best features and reasons why you should give iOS 13 a try.

The Dark Mode

iOS 13’s dark mode is set to be system-wide, which means that all supported apps will have a change from white to black and light gray to dark gray whenever you want. This feature comes in especially handy when you’re using your iPhone at night and wouldn’t want to get the glare of the whiteness in your face.

Battery life will be extended when you’re using it on OLED iPhones as the displays automatically shut off the pixels when they’re rendering black color. iPhone users can have it turned on at night via a schedule or by a set time.

FaceTime Attention Correction

FaceTime Correction is a new feature for iPhone users and it will be first released for the iOS 13. Essentially, the technology makes it so that it will seem like you’re looking straight into the eyes of the person you’re speaking with when on FaceTime instead of looking at their chin or lower lip.

QuickPath Keyboard

Apple is finally moving with the times and offering swipe-to-type keyboards (more details), similar to that of SwiftKey and Gboard for Android smartphones. Instead of tapping in the letters, you can now slide your finger across the keyboard to form words. Current supported languages include Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, English, Portugese and French.

Performance and Battery Improvements

Changes in iOS will make your iPhone perform faster while using less energy. According to Apple, apps now load twice as fast, while Face ID unlocks are 30 percent faster. App download sizes are reduced to about 60 percent on average as well. Moreover, your iOS device will reduce the time the device gets charged to 100% by learning your routine.

Memoji Stickers

iOS 13 users can now customize a Memoji (more info about this) and the system will automatically get a sticker pack that you can pull up on the keyboard’s sub-menu. These Memojis can be used for Mail, Messages and other 3rd party apps.

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