NoodlesThePooch – A Maltipoo Performing 40+ Tricks on Social Media

Even though most people enjoy animals, Noodles, a three-year-old Maltipoo, is an exception. She was originally from Pennsylvania but was brought back to NYC by her parents. As much as Noodles loved her new home, she started performing amusing tricks in front of the camera. Her owner Yosa decided to document her journey on social media without any intentions of making it a big deal. As it was a lockdown period, Yosa had a lot of time on her hands to teach Noodles many things.

When Noodles first appeared online, her Instagram account failed to attract a sizable following which is quite normal. But as soon as her videos started getting uploaded on TikTok, this little adventure started becoming something significant, and not long after that, Noodles became popular. 

The journey of Noodles has been exciting to watch for the people. The way she is growing and performing human-like chores is a fascination in itself.

Noodles is also a lucky dog. She has had the opportunity to accompany her parents on numerous trips. Her cute vlogs are uploaded on her social media accounts regularly and are an ultimate treat to watch for the subscribers, especially dog lovers.

Noodles can even perform almost 40 tricks! She can quickly fetch her soft toys by the names, play hide and seek with her mom and sometimes run away with socks like a bit of mischief. 

She has approximately 200k Instagram followers, 5.57k YouTube subscribers, and 300k TikTok fans. It’s pretty evident her followers like her and find entertainment in even her most random videos.

To say that her parents spoil Noodles is an understatement because she alone owns a lot more clothes than both her parents combined. Not only that, but she has far better fashion sense than the average person. She is too precious and one-of-a-kind to be seen with her adorably tiny sandals, her exquisite hair clips, and her braided ear-like earrings. 

Recently in January 2022, Noodles began her hilarious representation of the struggles many Americans face with their 9 to 5 corporate schedules. And since then, Noodles has become a viral sensation. As a result, her audience now identifies her as the “Corporate Canine.”

Among many videos, her most famous ones are “Openly Judging My Colleagues,” “Rewording My Emails,” and “What I Say vs. What I Mean.” All of these are super relatable and funny, with her typing at the speed of 165 words per minute standing on her hind legs. According to her parents, Noodles should start working as an actor. 

Noodles is also an expert at promoting different businesses and has the title of a social media influencer. 

She has partnered with many well-known companies, such as Leisure Pets and SundaysFordogs.  Moreover, Noodles has also worked with Bloomingdale and Harper Collins to advertise their bestsellers. 

She has some exciting collaborations coming up and we cannot wait to see those! As a social media influencer, Noodles is doing great, and her parents are proud of her. 

Want to see what Noodles and her Instagram page have in store for you? Check now:

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