Backyard Revolution Review

So, you’re interested in sustainable energy? Though traditionally, clean energy sources have been expensive and difficult to implement, recent years have brought us the innovative Backyard Revolution system, a more affordable means of harnessing solar energy at home.

What is Backyard Revolution?

Before we get stared with our Backyard Revolution review, let’s talk a little about the history of Backyard Revolution. Created by Zack Bennett, a carpenter by trade, the Backyard Revolution system was actually invented as a means of sustainable and reliable energy because of a personal experience with an electrical blackout. This time when his Florida home was left without power, an invader broke in while he and his daughter were home. He believes that if some light source had shone from his porch, his house would not have been rendered vulnerable in this situation. Though still unfortunate circumstances, this experience was the catalyst for Bennett’s creation.

Outside of this traumatic experience, Bennett found Backyard Revolution to be a creative alternative to consumers’ dependence on electrical provider companies. Because electric bills can often be significant expenses for homeowners to consider, this invention aims to promote a more cost efficient and sustainable way for people to provide electricity to their homes. After having stumbled across some research from MIT scholars on the topic of solar energy solutions, Bennett was struck with the inspiration for the Backyard Revolution.

With the mission of creating energy independence, reliability, and sustainability, Bennett’s Backyard Revolution is certainly an appealing alternative to conventional routes of powering one’s home.

How exactly does the Backyard Revolution work?

Composed of a set of various solar panels, this energy-yielding technology is designed as a backup power supply station and can provide enough power for the bare essentials; but it was actually intended to supplement existing power sources in cases of emergency.

Thorough and easy to follow, The Backyard Revolution guide was created by Zack Bennett himself, who takes plenty of time teaching users about each component of the device, not to mention the pieces that make it up. Between a supply list, specific measurements, explanatory images, and straightforward instructions, these 11 steps teach and encourage consumers to know their own personal energy sources from the inside out.

In order to help break down whether investing in the Backyard Revolution is right for you, we’ve broken each and every point of consideration in our very own Backyard Revolution review…


No experience needed

Luckily, installing this solar energy system is rather easy. While having the practical experience of working with your hands is certainly helpful, it’s not totally necessary. This is quite literally a project you could tackle in less than a day, given the necessary materials and focus. As mentioned, the installation guide is a comprehensive resource ready to provide the answer to just about any question you might have about the system and its setup. If the Backyard Revolution system wasn’t already appealing in terms of its cost efficiency, know that you’re cutting costs by self-installing, as opposed to paying extra fees for a professional to handle it. For accessibility, the comprehensive guide comes with detailed instructions in various forms, allowing users to follow along in a way that works best for them.

Easy assembly and maintenance

Just as the creator of Backyard Revolution took energy sourcing into his own hands, you can too. Believe it or not–constructing and installing one’s own solar energy system is actually a relatively simple task considering the potential payoff. Broken down into 11 straightforward steps, the comprehensive guide to building your very own Backyard Revolution is thorough and clear all-around.

Maintaining this solar energy system is even simpler. As one might expect, it does require a least some direct sunlight to be able to harness and convert energy for use. Therefore, users should ensure that each panel is receiving several hours of sunlight on a daily basis. Technical maintenance primarily consists of wiping down panel surfaces, as their condition will determine the amount of sunlight absorbed when exposed. If any serious issues should arise with the product, the purchase of the Backyard Revolution blueprint is accompanied with one year of email support from the Zack Bennett himself.


This “pro” probably doesn’t need explaining, but the Backyard Revolution system is significantly cheaper than its larger counterparts. Often racking up to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for just a few large units, full-sized solar panels are not the most affordable option for people looking to cut down their electricity bill. Sure, sustainability will save the environment and your bank account, but an alternative energy source must be within one’s means for them to be able to reap its benefits.

If someone is interested in exploring the possibility of alternative energy to power their home, Backyard Revolution is a solid. Not only is it significantly cheaper than committing to a complete set of full-sized solar panels, but it doesn’t come with the learning curve of switching entirely to a new energy source. Because of little to no maintenance, the Backyard Revolution system won’t cost you much of anything after installation. With proper attention to detail during construction and installation, these DIY solar panels will last for many years. Should the system need repairing, many users attest to being able to address the issue themselves.


Since the Backyard Revolution system is designed as a supplemental source of energy, it can work just about anywhere. The system is also a wonderful solution to mobilizing an energy source for camping. Easy to move and adaptable to various extents of energy use, the Backyard Revolution system is as flexible as anything like it can possibly get. However, in order to function properly and efficiently, it’s vital that the panels receive at least a couple hours of direct sunlight every day to be able to supply supplemental power to a certain structure.

Back-up energy

Never again will you have to struggle with being powerless as a result of a blackout. With proper setup, occasional “maintenance,” and ample sunlight, your Backyard Revolution system is sure to keep the lights on in your home no matter the circumstances.


Not only is solar energy a renewable energy source in the traditional sense, but this also translates to your home never running out of power. The benefits of alternative energy sources are actually quite significant. Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun–meaning your home will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and society’s collective dependence on energy from fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas. When instructions for the Backyard Revolution are followed precisely, one can expect their system to provide them with this clean, cost-efficient energy for several decades.

No risk

There’s little to lose when faced with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Creator of the Backyard Revolution, Zack Bennett, wants to ensure that his customers are satisfied, which is why this grace period begins with downloading the comprehensive installation guide. Unsatisfied with your purchase? Request a refund within these two months, and get your money back–no questions asked.


Having a Backyard Revolution system in place can be incredibly liberating. Knowing that you are saving money by powering your home sustainably, and no longer relying on the often expensive electricity services from your local provider.


Lengthy instructions

With 11 steps, the Backyard Revolution guide is thorough enough to help you construct and install the necessary equipment for use. While following the instructional PDF or listening to the accompanying CD, these instructions are designed for you to follow them exactly. Doing otherwise might result in unsatisfactory results.

Needs space

It’s important to note that finished solar panels require 10 square feet of space to operate properly. Before investing in the Backyard Revolution, it would be wise to gauge just how much space you have to install the solar energy system outside your home.

Needs supplies

When you pay for Backyard Revolution, you’re paying for an instructional program for constructing, installing, and maintaining the solar energy system. Unfortunately, the package doesn’t actually include any of the necessary materials outside of the detailed instructions as to how to use them.

Luckily, the Backyard Revolution materials do come with a thorough shopping list for you to snag everything you could possibly need in only one trip. While this facet of the product certainly might introduce unanticipated costs, they provide long term savings to virtually all users.


Putting yourself to work isn’t always enjoyable. It’s also safe to say that if you’re not the building type, the Backyard Revolution guide might appear complicated, confusing, or like a complete waste of time. However, with careful reading of the instructions and a little patience, even a total novice shouldn’t take more than a few hours to assemble this back-up energy system.

Results vary

As with most purchases, results often vary, making this anything but a one-size-fits-all kind of product. Of course, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you reap the full benefits of the Backyard Revolution system; but there is no guarantee, as its efficiency is largely based on the amount of sunlight available on a regular basis.


Under the condition that instructions are followed properly, the system is maintained accordingly, and the environment will supply enough direct sunlight for the system to operate, The Backyard Revolution checks out as a viable, cost-saving alternative to powering your home. However, this final decision ultimately comes down to how the system can meet your household’s energy needs. When placed in ideal conditions, Backyard Revolution customers saw incredible results, making their purchase well worth the time, money, and effort spent on this project.

While the Backyard Revolution system does require a little bit of a time investment in addition to its upfront costs, the savings that homeowners are seeing are convincing enough to take a chance on this incredible piece of technology. After all, investing in a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t have a ridiculous price tag or even be any bit of a hassle for you. With that, the Backyard Revolution system’s bottom line is a promising one.



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