New Features That Forced Editors To Take Up Wondershare Filmora

The video editing industry saw a huge boom since the pandemic hit us. As many people took up editing and started using video editors, developers had to go one step ahead to make sure that the users stayed on their software. Forbes has some ideas on how to keep your video content fresh. The best way to do that was by introducing exciting new features to attract new users and to give present users a reason to stay.

A big part of the workflow of a video editor includes repeated work which proves to be tedious. Hence, a big part of the features that attracted users became automation features. This allowed the video editing platforms to perform a certain job on their own without bugging the users to do it themselves. This saves editors a ton of time and a lot of annoying work. Many editors said, “Automation features make our life easier, and lets us focus on the more important part of the videos”.

At this time, Wondershare Filmora, a video editing platform with one of the biggest audiences, released a patch with new features that were just too good to pass on. Apart from the quality of life features like a screen recorder, there are other features that will help every type of editor. If you are looking for reasons as to why every editor is switching to Filmora, then you are at the right place. Today we’ll be talking about the most prominent new unique features of Filmora that forced editors to take up Wondershare Filmora.

Speed ramping

Before we jump into the feature, let us find out what speed ramping actually is. Speed ramp is exactly what it sounds like. It is a gradual acceleration and then deceleration of a video or vice versa, according to Adobe. When playing around with the speed of the videos, you usually get abrupt effects that don’t look good except in some cases. However, speed ramping allows for changes in speed in such a way that not only looks good but is smooth as well.

To put it simply, you need to play around with the speed of videos. It can be complex to create a speed ramp with just basic features if you are a beginner. Most editors do allow changes to the speed of a video, but speed ramping requires precision and knowledge of speed graphs. You also need to use the speed-up slow-motion carefully, or the output may come out to be unpleasant.

With Filmora’s new dedicated speed ramping tool, the process becomes a lot smoother and just a lot less tedious. You can easily adjust your video’s speed with better control of your keyframes. Keyframes are like flags that tell the software to change an attribute at that moment, in our case, speed. You can use this tool to speed up or down your videos to create unique cinematic effects.


Masking is the feature that attracts beginners to take up video editing. With masking, you can achieve just about any effect that you are imagining. If you don’t know, masking is a feature contained in editing software that allows you to select a specific piece of a video. You can also use video overlays to hide, duplicate, reveal, or modify your footage. To put it in simpler terms, you can select a part of the video very precisely.

For example, you need to apply certain effects to the subject’s body, and you want the rest of the video to stay as it is. You can use masking to select the subject and then track the body of the subject for as long as you want the effect to stay. After that, you can duplicate the footage, apply the mask on duplicated footage, and place the effects that you want on the new footage. When you play the video, it would seem like the subject is the only one affected by the video.

Filmora allows you to make 3 types of masks. The ellipse and rectangle masks help you draw circular/ elliptical masks and square/rectangular masks, respectively. You can hold shift and drag the cursor to make sure that the mask stays perfectly circle or a square respectively.

You might be wondering what you should do in case the subject is complex. Well, Filmora also has a freehand mask tool that you can use to make shapes other than rectangles and ellipses. It is similar to the pen tool provided by Adobe Photoshop, but for videos. This tool will be your saving grace when a client requests something that is absurd and seems impossible to achieve.

Auto beat sync

Audio is a big part of video editing as well. Music and sound design are what give the video its life. Aligning the beats of the audio with transitions and effects of your videos is what creates an impactful video. Beats in audio are mostly constant throughout the playthrough. Editors use the waveform of audio to see where the beats are and then sync the videos with those beats.

You can open the waveform of the audio, mark each beat on your own, and then align the videos with respective of the markers that you marked. However, this process takes a lot of time and precision to carry out. Not only do you have to mark the right beats with precision, but aligning the videos with the markers feels like a lot of work, and believe us, it is. What editors require is a way to automate this process, and Filmora went ahead and pulled it off for us.

The new version of Filmora added an auto beat-sync tool. This tool allows the software to adjust the music with the video clips automatically. It would save you a ton of time and the annoying workflow of syncing to the beat. You can follow the following steps to sync the videos to the beat:

  • Select the auto beat-sync tool from the startup window.
  • Drag and top your music and video file.
  • Choose auto beat sync, and let Filmora do its job.
  • There is an auto highlight feature that can be used to further make your video stand out.


There are a lot of other new features as well that allowed Filmora to be on the top of the editing industry. Features like Instant mode allows even beginners to create fantastic videos in mere minutes. You just add the media that is needed for the media, and Filmora will do the rest for you. Wondershare also launched Wondershare Drive, which will safely store your photos, videos, files, and other types of content. The support from many stock websites like professional movie effects from NewFX and NewBlueFX is the cherry on top. It does sound like it’s too good to be true, but apparently, it’s not.

These new additions to the software made it one of the go-to software for beginners. The easy and cool-looking interface just added to the cause. Its pricing is also done fantastically. There is an affordable monthly subscription available, and those who don’t want to pay for the software every month can go for the perpetual pricing plans. This plan allows you to buy the software for a lifetime. You will have access to updates and all the content provided by the software by paying a one-time fee.

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