New Balance 993: Subtle Changes for Success

New Balance 993 - Subtle Changes for Success

When you take a look at the average shoe from New Balance (official website) from the 99X series, then you won’t see many differences from the outside. All of them offer a look that includes gray suede, a thick midsole, and reflective tones that help to outline the profile of the product. Even though the series has been around for almost 40 years, the differences that you will find in each upgrade are subtle at best.

When you take a look at the New Balance 990v5 that came out in April 2019, the design elements, fit, and wear pattern is almost the same as the 990v4. The same principle applies when comparing the 993 with the 992.

Why Choose the New Balance 993?

When you compare the differences between the New Balance 993 ( and its previous versions, there is one clear difference to consider.

The 992 model was a shoe that offered an entirely neutral wearing experience. There was no bias to the midsole, so it worked to create a one-shoe-fits-all running experience. Unless you had a specific medical condition to manage while working out, you could take advantage of the extra cushioning provided by the manufacturer.

When New Balance introduced the 993, they added a medial roll to the design to help those who overpronate (definition) when they run. If you have significant lateral column problems, then moving to the 993 may not be the best option to consider.

The bottom line is this: if the shoe feels comfortable and supportive to your foot, then go ahead and give it a try. If it doesn’t fit your feet correctly, then another model from New Balance might be a better option to consider.

What If My Feet Don’t Like New Balance Shoes?

If you have tried multiple options from New Balance without success, then the issue may be related to your orthotic needs than the design of the shoe itself. Experiencing pain while running is not healthy, so you should discuss your form, exercise routine, and foot needs with a medical professional.

There are inserts which can be prescribed for you to encourage healthier ways to walk and run.

You may also wish to avoid using New Balance 993 shoes if you prefer to walk or run in unimproved areas. The amount of traction that you receive on gravel or rustic trails is minimal compared to the sidewalk or treadmill, so you will need to take extra care when using these shoes in those situations.

You do receive a superior level of stability when using the New Balance 993 thanks to the evolution of this brand over the years. It is an excellent choice for a wide range of runners, even though some might find it a little blocky to use because of its design.

It is still one of the most lightweight options that are available in today’s market. The shoe supports performance training, manages a variety of exercise routines, and is perfect for daily walks or running errands if you do not consider yourself a runner.

Thanks to for their review. For more reviews of New Balance shoes, check out this page.

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