Need For Digital Business Cards And Online CRM Tools Skyrockets During Covid19 Pandemic: Covve And Camcard Among Strongest Players

If you are struggling during this pandemic with maintaining business relationships, when everyone is avoiding social interactions, then this article is for you. You can now get your online CRM tools easily and quickly in the form of an app. We have found the best apps for your online business. They will provide you with relationship management, support, and help with interaction among clients. Below we have Covve and CamCard, which play a significant role in the digital business card market.

1. Covve

If you are struggling with which digital business card maker you will use for your business card needs, try Covve, and you will not regret it. This app is accessible everywhere. The app is used to help every professional to create, share and even scan their business card efficiently. Using this digital business card maker app, you can even schedule reminders to follow up with your clients, and get notifications about news affecting your contact so you have an excuse to reach out! Take your time and try this new app.

Covve also enables you to go paperless by creating your own digital business card, at a time where touching physical cards is avoided and social distancing is the norm. If you are a business person during this pandemic, consider using Covve.


  • Create and share your customised digital business card at the tap of a button
  • Reach out with smart reminders
  • Get news alerts affecting your contacts
  • Easily add notes, location, and tags to your contacts
  • Export to Excel, Outlook or Google Contacts
  • It recognizes over 40 languages
  • Private as Covve’s terms and tech defend your data

Why use it:

Avoid physical contact but don’t lose your professional touch. Download Covve today.

2. CamCard

With CamCard, you can capture your business card, and all your contact information can be saved to your phone. As we have already mentioned, during this pandemic, maintaining relationships is a priority for professionals. It’s a great app to manage contacts and exchange business cards.

The app is accurate and can help you sync contacts fast and efficiently. You can connect to your phone and read business cards into the system within seconds. Online CRM plays a significant role during this pandemic, and Camcard can help you scan, manage and exchange business cards quickly wherever you are.


  • It exchanges e-card with people nearby
  • Add meeting notes to your contact
  • Scans and stores your business card
  • Batch scan is available
  • It recognizes 16 languages
  • It enables you to complete your own profile and share it

Why use it:

  • Accurate and efficient
  • Excellent speed
  • Easy to use
  • Helps you go paperless

Therefore, if you are looking for the best digital business card makers and online CRM tools these are the apps you should try, to get through this pandemic with your network intact!

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