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yacht on the ocean

Anyone who says you have to spend a fortune on decorating your home doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Decorating your home can be easy and cheap, especially if you choose the right theme. An example of a theme that can be achieved even with a slightly tight budget is voyage interior design.

Not only are there a wide variety of nautical home decorations, but they are also available at very reasonable prices. In fact, if you go to the beach, you can even get some of these for free. This makes voyage decoration a practical way to turn your home into a more attractive, relaxing and comfortable place, and is popular with the whole family and all guests visiting your home.

yacht on the ocean

So how do you achieve voyage decoration within your budget? Here are some great suggestions and tips.

“Find a free gift

As mentioned earlier, you can get some nautical accessories and ornaments for free, so spend a day on the beach and cross the beach to get as many shells, corals, driftwood and sand as you can. It is recommended to collect. Please wash your collection before decorating it at home.

“Purchase nautical accessories from discount stores

Many discount stores, as well as quaint collectibles and antique shops, sell a variety of items that can be used to decorate your nautical-themed home. Examples include ship wheels, oars, miniature yachts, model ships, old bottles, lighthouse models and beach lanterns. And it doesn’t matter if the item looks old and rusty. This is because it can further enhance the feel of the voyage in the room. Otherwise, you can professionally restore it to make it look like new.

“Make your own decoration

Another way to save money on voyage decoration is to create decorations for your home. All you need for this activity is the beach discoveries, art supplies, and imagination you’ve collected.

One can buy a transparent vase from a local furniture store and fill it with seashells of different colors. You can also collect small corals and glue them together to make an interesting coral sculpture. Finally, you can create your own nautical wall art by framing the beach photos you take and the shells you find on the beach.

“Check online stores for significant discounts

The internet is also a great place to find great deals on navigational accessories that you can use to give your home the same relaxing atmosphere you feel on the beach. When shopping online, it’s always a good idea to shop so that you find the most reasonable price for voyage home decor.

Making a makeover of a house can be done without spending too much. To turn your home into a nice and wonderful voyage hideaway, you need to be witty, creative, practical and imaginative.

The look of today’s new mega yacht orders and the high attendance at the Monaco Superyacht Show last September will quickly dismiss the idea that the global economic crisis has spared the upper social classes. In fact, the ultra-rich are also vulnerable and worried about their shrinking investment portfolio, so they are starting to cut spending. Other categories such as luxury cars and best watches are not exempt in the area of luxury goods. However, the boatyard seems to be slightly affected compared to a year ago.

According to a recent survey in the United States, Americans have cut off the purchase of luxury goods, especially for the ultra-rich. For example, the six private room “Alibella”, owned by 14 guests, is a 50-meter (164-foot) luxury yacht that costs € 10 million to buyers ready to trade within a month. Enthusiastic enough to offer discounts. .. The “Alibera” is considered a unique class of modern yachts with high-end finishes and helicopter landing pads. The discount will reduce the cost of the yacht to € 24.5 million. It is one of many mega yachts whose prices have fallen following the explosion of the US mortgage subprime crisis, which has spread rapidly across borders, including the beginning of a recession. Nowadays, it is rare to find a used yacht that is available at a considerable discount.

Oligarchy and oil money

Not surprisingly, the major customers who have recently signed a significant number of new custom-made giant water crafts are the Russian oligarchs and the Arabs of the oil-producing Gulf countries. The former accounts for about 18 percent of new mega yacht purchases.

Currently, both the upper classes of India and Asia, as well as the upper classes of the United States and Europe, have a more conservative view, refraining from elaborate purchases, at least until the global economy regains its vitality. Is shown.

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