Natural Remedies to Boost HGH

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Many herbal extracts and natural amino acids (AA), such as tyrosine, arginine, glutamine, and ornithine, can boost human growth hormone (HGH) release. The growth hormone response to amino acid and herb administration may vary from one person to another. Many factors can influence this mechanism such as sleep, sex, age, and training. In this article we have collected the main known natural remedies that can promote growth hormone (GH) release.


Amino acids can be administered via many different routes. Usually they are administered orally and sometimes parenterally. Professional sportsmen take amino acids before training, which is believed to accentuate the exercise-induced GH release and promote faster recovery and therefore faster muscle growth and increase in strength.

Oral administration is weaker in terms of boosting GH than the parenteral administration, while the latter is much more complicated. The main disadvantage of oral administration is that the doses have to be great enough to produce a growth hormone boost, and big loads of amino acids may lead to stomach discomfort and may cause diarrhea. Talking about exercises – the more intense the training is the greater amount of GH is released. GH is even released as a result of injury or trauma which is a natural way of the organism to recover on its own. Most scientific studies which have shown amino acid effectiveness in heightening GH response to exercise were conducted with AAs administered by parenteral infusion, while oral amino acid supplementation for boosting GH release have not been studied much. Further, there is no reliable scientific research that have provedoral administration of amino acids before training to be capable of inducing GH boost to a greater extent than training alone.

 Here is a list of amino acids that have been claimed to boost HGH:


 Has has been proven to boost human growth hormone levels when used in combination with l-arginine, l-lysine, and l-glutamine.

 Besides that there are some claims that this amino acid helps muscle recovery and supports the immune system.


L-Arginine can increase your HGH level up to 300%, says Besides that it enhances protein synthesis and muscle recovery, and its also a Nitric Oxide precursor.


 Lysine is best to be used together with arginine. When used together they give a very strong boost (up to 10 times more than arginine alone). L-Lysine is for immunity (fighting cold sore and different viruses).


This AA is a neurotransmitter in the brain that promotes brain GH and Thyroxine production and production of some other key hormones which are necessary for better mood, sleep, increased cognition, and a better sex drive.


Lower levels of stress hormone cortisol can lead to better sleep and HGH production during sleep. It also prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue, preventing the body from using muscle tissue as energy during stress etc.


L-Glycine, a natural AA that helps to stimulate and build growth hormone by the pituitary gland.  Similarly to Tyrosine it can help to calm down and have a better sleep that would promote HGH release.


L-Valine is one of the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).

It works side by side with L-leucine to increase your HGH levels and to promote your muscle recovery and muscle growth.


Another AA that indirectly boosts HGH levels and improves nitrogen balance and increases muscle mass. One of the BCAA.


Branched amino acid which also boosts HGH indirectly when used with Leucine and Valine.


GABA is a key neurotransmitter to promote sleep and relaxation and therefore stimulate the release of HGH.

Herbal Extracts and Phytochemical

Green Tea Extract

Researchers from Italy have shown that Green Tea extract can boost HGH levels, according to Besides these effects it can help with obesity and related problems. (full publication: Altern Med Rev. 2009 Jun;14(2):154-60.)

Recently, researchers from Taiwan have identified active phytochemical compounds which are responsible for the HGH release. They called the compounds TeaGhrelins, since their ability to bind Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor (GHS-R) or ghrelin receptor, a peptide hormone receptor which is responsible for signaling the pituitary gland to produce GH.

Licorice root

Glycyrrhizae radix (botanical name) can increase HGH production (active ingredients of licorice root were tested on pituitary cells). (full publication: J Biochem Mol Biol. 2007 Nov 30;40(6):979-85.) Also it boosts immune system to fight cough and cancer.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo is also widely used as a antioxidant, cognitive enhancement herb and HGH booster. Recent scientific studies have discovered certain key phytochemical compounds (Ginkgoghrelin-1, Ginkgoghrelin-2) which are responsible for the HGH boosting properties of this herb.


Ginseng is a popular adaptogen which fights stress, raises energy levels and stimulates overall performance. This popular Chinese herb can indirectly boost HGH production.

Mucuna pruriens

Mucuna pruriens (Velvet bean) improves the production of many brain hormones, such as dopamine and norepinephrine which increase the natural production of HGH by the pituitary gland.

Agnus cactus

When boosting pituitary gland to produce HGH one of the side hormone which is secreted is prolactin. Scientific research has shown that Agnus cactus is able to inhibit prolactin secretion and at the same time promote HGH release and therefore balance the body’s hormonal profile. 

Yellow leader

Yellow leader (bot. – Astragalus membranaceus) is a popular traditional Chinese medicine herb. Astragalus is famous for promoting immunity and anti-aging properties. It has also been shown to have the ability to boost HGH levels. (Full publication: Arch Pharm Res. 2003 Jan;26(1):34-9.).

There are a tons of HGH boosters on the market:

Amino acids are used in such boosters like GenF20 by Leading Edge Health.
Herbal extracts are used in such boosters like UltraRelin by WiseBio.



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