My Journey to Simpler YouTube Trimming as a Blogger

As a blogger, I’m always looking for tools to make creating content easier. I use a ton of YouTube clips in my articles and videos, so downloading and trimming videos used to be a headache.

After trying what felt like a million apps, I eventually settled on SSYoutube. It got the job done, but the dated interface was a pain and it took way too many steps to get short clips.

Then a fellow blogger and a famous techie told me about I was skeptical at first, but man am I glad I tried it!

Why I’m Never Going Back

SliceTube makes grabbing the exact clip you want from YouTube so easy. Just paste the URL, set the start and end time, and boom – you’ve got your snippet ready to embed. The clean, simple design is way more intuitive than SSYoutube’s cluttered 1990s-era aesthetic.

It just feels easier on the eyes, you know?

There are still a few tiny things I’d change. The audio-only MP3 option could be higher bitrate, and the clipping limit probably doesn’t need to be 120 minutes.

But overall, SliceTube has become my go-to for taking the pain out of working with YouTube vids. It’s a quality tool that’s helping me create content smarter, not harder.

What is SliceTube? is a web app that allows you to download and trim segments of YouTube videos. It lets you grab just the clip you want from a longer video instead of downloading the full video.

Some key features of SliceTube:

  • Downloads YouTube clips up to 120 minutes long
  • Trims videos by setting start and end times
  • It lets you export your desired format, which I find really easy.

While I mainly use SliceTube for clipping, it can also download full length videos. This comes in handy when I want to embed a full YouTube video in my articles.

Why I Switched From SSYoutube to SliceTube

In the past, I relied on the website SSYoutube to download my YouTube clips. But over time I found it lacking in a few key areas:

  • SSYoutube had limited trim options for clipping longer videos
  • The interface was a bit outdated and clunky to use
  • No ads!!
  • Downloading and saving clips took more steps than I’d like

When I discovered SliceTube, I found it solved many of the issues I had with SSYoutube:

  • SliceTube makes trimming simple with its intuitive timeline editor
  • It has an easy-to-use modern interface
  • I seriously wish they had an option to save the trimmed videos to my Google Drive directly, though!

After testing SliceTube out, it quickly became my go-to tool, replacing SSYoutube in my YouTube workflow. SliceTube also offers a Pro version for just $5/month or $25/year. This gives you access to additional features like downloading videos in HD upto 8k resolution up to three hours long. The Pro version also provides faster download speeds thanks to using dedicated servers. And since SliceTube runs no ads, the Pro subscription is a great value for anyone who works with YouTube videos regularly. Considering the amount of time the Pro features save me in my workflow, the small subscription fee has absolutely been worth it.

I’ve tested out more YouTube downloading tools over the years than I can remember. There’s the old standbys like,, and Dirpy. But I always found reasons to gripe about them. Youtubetrimmer’s compression ruined video quality. Savefrom took forever to download anything over 720p. And don’t get me started on Dirpy’s clunky interface – navigating it just to trim a few clips made me want to tear my hair out!

None of them provided the perfect blend of quick trimming, good quality, and ease of use that I was looking for. It seemed like I’d be stuck fruitlessly trying new apps forever, until a fellow blogger put me onto SliceTube.

Recommendation for YouTube Clip Downloaders

For any bloggers, marketers, or creators that work with YouTube videos, I highly recommend checking out SliceTube. It has become an indispensable tool in my video editing workflow.

The ability to quickly trim clips and save them without any cumbersome downloading or conversion steps has been a total game changer. I’m able to embed great YouTube content in my blog posts faster than ever before. SliceTube has made my YouTube workflow as a blogger smooth, easy, and efficient. I would definitely suggest giving it a try in your own video editing process!

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