My Experience With Wrapping My iPhone

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Have you ever thought about wrapping your iPhone in grip tape order to keep it safe and give it more grip? Honestly, the answer to this question probably is a no—after all, why would anyone want to wrap their iPhone in phone grip tape, right?

Well, I tried this. And, to be honest with you, the results surprised me; I tried wrapping my iPhone and the results were awesome! I would never go back to an unwrapped phone ever again; I will always use phone grip tape ( for my phone from now on!

Why You Might Want to Wrap Your Phone

Many people find the thought of wrapping up their iPhone in grip tape bizarre, but this is actually a really good idea for many people! Modern phone cases are often quite slippery and this means that it can be incredibly easy to drop your phone when you are trying to use it, which can be a real problem—especially with modern phones, which seem to be particularly easy to break.

Putting grip tape on your phone could be a good solution for these problems. If you find that you struggle with gripping your mobile, this easy and cheap mod could be a great solution for you and your needs!

When adding grip tape to your phone, you should always make sure that you use high-quality grip tape, instead of the cheap stuff that goes on skateboards and the like; high-quality grip tape, such as Camco non-slip grip tape or CatTongue Grips Non-Abrasive Grip Tape, is great since it won’t scratch away at your clothing or damage the tape. The latter in particular is designed to be gentle on the surface material, as it is made from thin rubber with adhesive backing.

Adding grip to your phone is also great for helping you to use your phone on the go in your car as a GPS tool, too. By adding a little Velcro on the back of the phone’s grip pad, you will easily be able to stick the phone to any surface in your car that also has velcro applied.

How to Add Non-Slip Grips

If you think that adding a non-slip grip to your phone could be the right choice for you and your needs, then doing so really doesn’t need to be very difficult! Indeed, this is definitely one of the easiest mods that you will find for your phone, making it a great little project for anyone who thinks that they might benefit from having a grip on their phone.

Creating a grip pad is incredibly easy to do. Using a pencil, start by tracing the shape of the phone so that you can get an idea as to how large the grip pad should be. Then, using a razor-sharp blade or knife, cut around the traced pencil lines neatly and carefully so as to create a grip that will fit the phone well and won’t overhang or leave any areas uncovered. Remember to cut out any areas that will need to be uncovered, such as volume or power buttons. In order to finish and neaten up the edges, you can use a heat gun on a gentle setting to seal the grip tape to the phone.



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