Mudra Unveils Liquidity Locking Platform; Builds an Ecosystem to Encourage Legitimate Crypto Projects

In recent months, the cryptocurrency liquidity pools have been increasingly used as an instrument to perpetrate the rugpull scam. Liquidity pools are important because they facilitate the instant trade of crypto tokens without causing a significant price movement.  Fraudulent crypto developers create a new token, aggressively market it, and attract a large number of investors before withdrawing and “rugpulling” the liquidity pool funds, leaving buyers with worthless coins.

As a result, investors have been expressing a strong need for liquidity locking, which would make such frauds impossible. Due to the lack of a proper liquidity locking platform, securing these pools used to be a costly and difficult task for genuine project creators.

Mudra has recently introduced the most cost-effective and user-friendly platform for locking liquidity to the BSC blockchain network. Through this platform, Mudra has made it possible for all genuine projects to secure liquidity pools that they have created on PancakeSwap, a DEX for BSC.   Significantly increasing the credibility of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, which has regularly been chastised for being a breeding ground for scams and shit coins.

By transferring the pool (LP) tokens to the Mudra time-lock contract, token owners can instantly lock in their liquidity. Investors can now invest with confidence thanks to verified lock certificates with QR codes. Mudra locker has the best rates, and lock management features like lock extension are completely free. In 2021, it has been the fastest-growing platform, with over 1000 projects signing up in a matter of weeks.

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Mudra is a BSC asset manager which has developed a number of novel solutions for crypto investors and developers. Mudra Research has developed the world’s first all-in-one BSC token scanning tool. Mudra Research employs smart contract code and blockchain data analysis to assist investors in identifying legit coins. Mudra Token Generator is the simplest way to generate your own BSC token in seconds, with features like a verified contract, anti-whale mechanics, honeypot-proof code, fee awards to holders, automatic liquidity increase, and more.

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