Mobile App Security: Its Impact on the Customers and Company

app security for mobiles

The technology has grown up so much and every day comes with some or other improvement in this field. Mobile phones are playing every prominent role in our everyday life. We have become so much dependent on mobile phones as they are the most portable ones. Other electronic devices are less preferred than mobile phones. We all have so many applications installed on our mobile phones that we use every day. The security of those applications is very important to maintain the security of the users. The users of mobile phones are rising at a faster pace ever than imagined. 

The advent of mobile phones has replaced every aspect of watching the news to mailing someone, we are using only our mobile phones. We perform so many monetary transactions, banking related transactions, and so on with the help of mobile phones; in this case, mobile app security is a matter of great concern. There is so much sensitive information being shared with the help of these applications like mobile phones, OTP, ATM pins, addresses and so on. It is very important to ensure the safety of those transmitted data. As applications are using that information for other purposes whereas the hackers are using it for misuse.  

Mobile app security can be used to provide security to those mobile apps from many security related threats and risks. You can save the user’s data from hacking with the help of security solutions by AppSealing. There is a huge risk of the theft of such critical and confidential information of the users. Still, many companies are not taking the whole process of securing their apps seriously. They have no idea how they are playing with the lives of the people. This fact has encouraged hackers to perform such malpractices as a fraud. 

There is a huge impact of the ensure security system of the various applications. The users of these applications have entrusted full faith in the app developers regarding the safety and security of the application and their data. These are the impact of weak security:

  • Information relating to the customer: The most common and critical is when the hackers try to steal your information held in the apps. These can be related to your social media accounts, emails, etc. When the hackers are successful in reaching your app weak security system, they will read all the important information from your mobile phone. They can access your personal information and so on.
  • Financial information: In this case, your sensitive information like credit card or debit card details, OTP you will receive, any aspect of the monetary transaction can be hacked due to lack of security solutions. 
  • Stealing intellectual property: The hackers can take advantage of your weak security app system and can even access to the intellectual property of your organization. They can create various clones with the help of the codes of your application. This risk can cost you so much that you will not be able to bear it. 
  • Loss of revenue: There is a huge loss of money involved. There is a chance that they will hack your unique features and codes and can create a duplicate of that. This threat is most common in gaming applications. It will result in decreased or loss of revenue for your company. 
  • Reduced brand value: This lacking of security in the applications will result in many losses for your company. From losing revenue to reduced trust of customers, you can lose many customer bases after these issues. Your customers will no longer remain loyal to your organization. You will not only lose your retained customers but will lose your potential customers too. They will have trust issues with the use of your applications. Brand value is the most important element for any business. And after facing all these issues, there will be a huge decline in your brand value. Customers will lack confidence in your brand and will not trust you so easily.

Here we have discussed that these are the possibilities of having a weak security system of your applications. You can eliminate all these above losses by just investing in the right security solutions. There are so many security risks involved with the application’s security. Some of them are discussed as follows:

  • Risk of reverse engineering: The various applications can be reversed by hackers by using available tools.  
  • Platform use is not secure: When you have not used the right security tools then you can face this risk.
  • Ignoring the various updates: The developer ignores the notifications of various updates available for their applications. They will lose the security against the other risks by ignoring those updates.
  • Using third party applications: When the developer is using many third-party applications to root their devices, it will be prone to  too many new risks and threats which they will not be able to fight with due to lack of security solutions. 
  • Poor authentication: When your application is not so good in authenticating the actual user to use their applications. It will add more risks and gives more opportunity for hackers to misuse it. 
  • Low encryption: This is also one of the common risks associated with the security of the data in applications.

You can avoid all such risks with the right security solutions for your company offered by AppSealing. Now you can ensure the security of data, authentication, and authorization of the application with that security solutions. You must not underestimate the benefits that the security solutions are providing you for your applications. It is worth spending your money. You can avoid all such risks and can ensure all the securities of your application to the users after embedding the mobile app security for your mobile applications. The impact of weak security is not only on the customers but also on the brand value and revenue of the company. You must develop only those applications which are secure to be used by the users.  

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