MMOS And Their Social Impact

There has been a common misconception going around, which all gamers are well aware of; Gaming causes social isolation. This statement couldn’t be more wrong yet non-gamers tend to insist that it’s correct. The gaming community has changed considerably over the years, especially with the introduction of online gaming and wider variety of free to play games in contrast to games requiring to purchase a game key to access. How do they differ? It’s simple; we have social interactions in online gaming. Online games like MMOs allow players to connect with people all around the world. MMOs have greatly impacted our lives and provided players with unique ways of interaction. Let’s examine more about its impact on our lives.

Social Interactions in MMOs

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MMO games offer unique features to players that allow them to interact with each other in various ways. These games are naturally high in social interactions, as they force players to work together. Sometimes you have to join a party for a raid, and other times it’s a dungeon that helps you interact with people. MMOs are developed to maximize as much interaction as possible. 

Players have to make strategies together to win a certain objective, and you know what the best part is? Strangers putting their faith in you to do the right job, and boy does it feel good when you achieve the task! The feeling is otherworldly and completely worth it. These types of adrenaline-filled situations help players find their online gaming buddies. Most people think that such friendships don’t last long, but it’s quite the other way around. Personally, my online friendships are still going strong even after all these years. What do you think? Do you feel the same way?

Furthermore, the latest MMORPGs have made it possible to include really life-like interactions in-game as well. What do I mean by that? Some games have unique gathering areas that look similar to coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants. Additionally, there are also features like the marriage system, allowing players to get married to each other. Sounds pretty wholesome, right? Before the Covid-19 pandemic, we took all of these features for granted, but now we realize the importance.

Is it Any Different From Real Life?

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Above we have discussed how developers have created innovative MMORPGs by allowing players to have real-life experiences inside a game with people around the world.  But the real question is, does it make it any different from real life or face-to-face interaction?

Although it’s true that the more realistic features in the game help players to build a strong bond, they also create mistrust. Why? Studies have shown that people tend to trust easily in face-to-face conversations. Over the internet, millions of controversies are going on, there is always this feeling of anxiety that whether the person you’re talking to is trustable or not. The distrust is easily understandable because of troll players and hackers. These obstacles play a huge role in ruining the experience for gamers and also creating a wall of distrust that also somewhat impacts the social life of a person.

Additionally, studies also show that the bad experience is only rare, and joining certain societies or guilds can help tackle it effectively. People who are in guilds tend to trust each other greatly and possess strong bonds as well. However, games like WoW classic and Runescape are indeed quite difficult which can result in stress, thus, services offered by Eldorado are a true lifesaver. You can buy World of Warcraft Classic accounts, items, and currency without stressing too much. The gaming community has surely evolved in recent years.

Bottom Line

All researchers agree that MMORPGs are social games to the very core despite the negative or positive aspects. The misconceptions regarding gaming are being dispelled slowly, and the future is looking bright. Moreover, additional research is also being done in this regard.



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James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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