Millennials Make Our Workplace Healthier

Millennials Make Our Workplace Healthier

When I look back on the past 20 years, I see a community of people wanting to be better and change the direction of their generation and generations to come. I learned something very interesting while doing research on this topic that just so happens to align with what Optimized Life has been sharing over the past few months and that is the idea of creating a community of people who are making it a priority to live their healthiest and best life possible.

I am the oldest millennial. I was born in 1981. A millennial is anyone born between 1981 and 1996.

This is what is also known as “The Wellness Generation”. They spend trillions of dollars a year on wellness products, trends, and healthy food. Wellness is #2 on the priority list for Millennials. It is not only on their mind from the time they wake up, but it is played out by exercising, eating healthy, and making healthy lifestyle choices. This is because they understand the importance that lifestyle has on health. In fact, a recent study shows that 85% prioritizes health over being wealthy.

Another thing millennials have that the previous generation didn’t is technology and they are good at finding efficient ways to optimize their wellness while maintaining a busy work and social schedule. There are apps, online communities, and designed to help them do just that.

They are responsible for workplace wellness options and incentives. Since millennials make up 75% of employees, companies are restructuring a few benefits to appeal to a healthier lifestyle. As the older generations are retiring, millennials are taking over the workplace. Having benefits and perks that attract millennials are important for hiring and retaining them as employees. Make sure they don’t burn out!

Since most of us spend more time at work than at home, I wanted to see what it would look like to take this concept to the office.

Here are a few things millennials look for when seeking employment.

Offer more paid vacation days for non-smoking employees: Smoking is on the decline over recent years but there are still over 30 million Americans who still smoke. A survey showed that the majority of nonsmokers felt as if 3-5 extra paid vacation days are more than fair seeing that smokers are allowed to take 15-minute smoke breaks throughout the day. That adds up! Perhaps a perk like this will help employees stop smoking and take advantage of the extra days off!

Mobile Office: Having the option to work from home is very attractive. That’s why there are coffee shops and coworking spaces in each corner. Office furniture and equipment that promote a healthy lifestyle: Bike racks to lock up bicycles, dressing rooms that allow employees to take showers and change before or after work, and sit/stand desk that allows them to change their position while they work. Easy access to healthy food and snacks are also important.

Wellness and Weight Loss Competitions: Creating competitions with incentives, accountability, and rewards are a great way to create a wellness community within the office.

A wellness community: that offers tips, resources, and products they need to live their healthiest and best life possible. Like this one!

These are not just great options for millennials, they are beneficial for all employees no matter how old or young. Adapting this lifestyle inside and outside of the office is the key to wellness and longevity. If you do not have these options where you work, speak with your employer and see which ones can be added to your office wellness community.

Optimized Life is a free community that offers information you need to achieve optimal health and wellness. We would love to have you! Just click on this link and sign up! It is that easy!

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