Michele Tecchia – The Monaco Real Estate Expert You Should Know About…

Monaco is a hot real estate market right now, with people from all over the world looking to buy up summer homes there, or permanent abodes. People love the temperate climate of the area, with its invigorating, revitalizing Mediterranean Sea air, according to Bloomberg. This microstate is situated on the beautiful French Riviera, and it is home to prestigious sporting events, a diverse culture, and beautiful architecture.

It is here that experienced real estate agent Michele Tecchia conducts business, helping citizens from all around the world to find a new home in this scenic, historic setting. For more than 15 years, Michele has been focused on selling luxury properties, and his experience encompasses the vast real estate markets of the United States and the United Kingdom. In fact, he was educated in Great Britain.

Now, he works as a real estate agent exclusively in Monaco to find the most beautiful properties in the state. In his earlier years of business, he travelled extensively between the UK and China, and his world travels have helped him to better understand what people want from a luxury property, and what makes a market like Monaco appealing to those with different cultures and experiences.

Having spent years in Monaco already, Michele Tecchia knows the area better than most, and he specializes in finding those overlooked real estate treasures that other agents miss. He works with a wide range of clientele, and knows how to cater to their specific needs, so that they land their dream home. He handles all the ins and out of the legal side of the real estate business, making the process of moving homes, or moving to a new country easy for his clients.

What sets him apart is his work ethic, as he tirelessly searches for new and exciting properties and ensures that his clients have all their needs met. Though Michele says he is working harder than ever at this point in his life, he is doing what he loves. Monaco is home to him now, and he has a deep love of the culture and people there, which makes him the perfect real estate agent to introduce new people to the area, as well as to help Monaco residents to find a new home that meets their specific needs.

Michele has been very successful working as a real estate agent in Monaco, and he attributes that success to his ability to anticipate his clients’ needs and wishes, and his hardworking lifestyle that keeps him active and full of energy, allowing him to go the distance for his clients. If you are looking for properties in the principality, then contact Michele Tecchia first. He probably knows of a property that will be perfect for you…

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